September 12, 2009, at 10:54 pm, Surly & Scribe were born. The idea grew from my frustration with message boards and blogs that filtered or censored passion and content and the need for an outlet that allowed me to offer both without limitations. I found a like-minded writing partner in Jacob who I met on HFBoards and shared a common thread in my fervor. The idea had no long-term vision beyond “write what we know and love” and let the rest take care of itself. We didn’t want to sell anything, make any money or have any agenda beyond providing a forum for L.A. Kings fans.

1,937 articles since then.

25,849 comments on those articles from Die-Hard fans like you.

Well over a million visitors every year and growing each month.

I looked back at that first article and what I wrote…

Kings fans enjoy discussing their patience through decades of hope. They cherish its pain. There is a masochistic pleasure built within our foundational loyalty to the team that we feel gives us a right to distinguish ourselves from other hockey fans who have tasted the success of their respective franchise.

Those days are over.

We shall not lament the past for it is irrelevant to our present.

The Los Angeles Kings shall no longer accept a good effort as the hallmark of success. We will not take solace in the fleeting reward of a team that is hard to play against. We should be mindful of the journey that has brought us “here” but we cannot set our goals or take action in any direction that will return us to those inglorious days of resolve.

1004 days from the day I wrote those words to the game we earned the Stanley Cup. The L.A. Kings’ past and memories of the times that preceded our coronation now wax nostalgic. We no longer lament. We smile at history and know it was the cross we bore – one that tested our faith and proved us worthy of its eternal reward.

What a journey it has been.

What lies ahead?

For the Kings?

For our Die-Hard fans?

For Surly & Scribe?

I don’t know but I thought, in this time of celebration and reflection, the least I could do is to say thank you to each of you for making this place a destination location for your L.A. Kings pride and passion.

Always and forever, Go Kings!