When I wrote the Jamie Kompon Appreciation Page many months ago, my tongue was firmly planted in my cheek. I also wrote it out of disgust. Those who have read us regularly know that I was not (and am not) a fan of Jamie Kompon…and that is being kind. I considered he and Terry Murray to be a major part of the L.A. Kings offensive problems, although Murray had the ever redeeming quality of building a defensive system that was the foundation for the L.A. Kings playoff success.

When I learned about Jamie Kompon’s contract not being renewed via rapid fire text messages to my phone, while I was in the middle of a conversation with a client, the first thought that occurred to me is “about time.” The second was, “the organization is growing up.”

We won the Stanley Cup. We did so despite having Kompon as our powerplay coach. This is a positive move for the franchise. It is another step forward. I don’t know who his replacement will be but I do know that, with the Cup in our hands and Dean Lombardi and his staff now understanding the critical importance of the right coach (read: Darryl Sutter) and what a difference that can make to a team’s success or lack thereof, they will make the right decision. Isn’t that really all that matters? The present and future of our Cup winning team?

Jamie Kompon, we wish you the best. You lifted the Stanley Cup as a member of the L.A. Kings and, for that, you should be thankful. Few get to experience what you have.

L.A. Kings fans, let’s move forward. No need to throw daggers at the man. Let’s win more Cups.