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  1. he’ll be in the ahl next season, lets see if he can score there maybe on a line with toffoli and andreoff or however you spell his name haha

  2. haha he looks up to Mike Richards… I like him, he isn’t cocky like those Russian players.

  3. Oh, and someone should make a montage of every GM saying “we would like to congratulate the Los Angeles Kings on winning the Stanley Cup”

  4. Congrats to the kid. It’s a helluva thing to get drafted into the NHL. His position is listed as LW but the video shows him playing mostly RW. Doesn’t matter if he can play both sides effectively more power to the guy.

  5. These videos never get old. How bout this fucking team right here?!?

  6. Tanners deserves a ton of credit for persevering on his ambitions to make the NHL after the adversity of being passed up. He worked his butt off and did all of the right things told to him. Then producing outstanding stats in this last season. Now he has the chance to bring his play to higher levels and seek prime time action in a year or two. What a great story line if that can happen to him.


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