L.A. Kings 6th Round Draft Pick, Tomas Hyka The Flyers’ Loss And Our Gain Again?

Did the L.A. Kings get a steal in Tomas Hyka? The Czech prospect was at the Flyers’ camp last season and he shined. It appeared the Flyers wanted to sign him but then realized then could not. From CSNPhilly.com:

“We misunderstood somewhere there when we were talking to the league,” assistant general manager Barry Hanrahan told CSNPhilly.com at the time. “He came up into the system as a Canadian junior hockey player – which he is.

“We can’t sign him because of [Section] 8.9 in the CBA. He played in Europe last year. It’s not where you are currently playing, it’s where you played the previous year. … Had he played in North America last year, he would have been unrestricted.”

Hyka is a super speedy winger. At 5’10” and 165 pounds (coincidentally, my exact height and weight), he isn’t going to knock people around but the kid knows how to bury the biscuit and has very good hockey sense, something Dean Lombardi covets.

Here is a breakaway goal with the Flyers from last season.

A special thanks to our reader, Deirdre, for bringing Hyka’s history to our attention. She has seen Hyka up close and personal at the Flyers’ camp and, from her perspective, this kid has the tools to make the NHL. She told me Flyers fans had images of this kid playing alongside Claude Giroux and were bitterly disappointed when the team couldn’t sign him.

Thanks Philly…again.

Go Kings!

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  1. I was reading about him this morning when i seen the pick and they were talking about wanting him on a line with hartnell and giroux

  2. Here is a little bit more color on this drafted prospect. Hey, if this kid really wants to work his ass off and hustle and put up NHL type of numbers, then, this will be a real ultimate coup for the Kings.


    Here is a photo of his goal celebration with Claude Giroux and Matt Read from Philly East:

    Tomas Hyka #61 of the Philadelphia Flyers celebrates his goal with Claude Giroux #28 and Matt Read #24

  3. I’m really hoping he shines in camp, because he really was that good. Lightning fast, great hands and pretty good vision , his size was the only thing that most of the scouts (reviews in the the above’ in lou we trust link) were leery of. But I think he is a steal for the Kings and hope he gets his chance . I was very bummed out that the Flyers screwed up (they could have drafted him last year, liked him, had scouting reports on him and ‘forgot’ to draft him (by Homer ‘s own admission) . That’s one reason they invited him to camp. And he worked his tail off, showed his colors.
    Good for Dean, and that pick they used to take him- was from the Flyers….

  4. Bad Cop: Only 1 Pre-season game, not a full NHL ready line-up. Goal scored against “The Monster” who is one of a long list of uber goalie prospects that fail at the NHL level.
    Michael Frolik was supposed to the “Baby Jagr”, hasn’t lived up to the hype just yet.
    He can learn the NHL game, playing in Manchester. The Kings have Gagne coming back, and there are a few guys who might be ahead of Hyka on the depth chart Toffoli/Weal/Vey/Kozun all who can play all 3 forward positions.
    I don’t include Loktionov in that company, simply because he has not been able to adjust to a wing, and is a pass first, play making center, when he needs to be a goal scorer.
    Hyka needs to gain some weight, especially muscle weight, and strength before he would be ready just to play in Manchester.
    With the upcoming CBA, nobody knows what is going to happen, so this may or may not be a good thing for Hyka or the Kings.
    Lombardi has done very well with his later round picks, and hopefully in time we see one of the many prospects playing and succeeding in a Kings uniform.

    • I have to see the kid up close. 5’10” is not short but his frame and bone structure is what matters. I was at 180 at my most fit but my frame allows it. I am 165. If he is narrow built, you might be right. If he has the shoulders and legs to fill out, he could be a gem with the God given skill set. Speed kills and the legs feed the wolf.

      • For that really poor Herbie, you are remanded to the ice and will serve a punishment of 100 Herbies! Again!
        In hockey terms, offensive instincts are not something you can teach, but you can teach speed, or skating.
        Emerson Etem for the most part fits that very template, this was why scouts were high on him, saying the skating could be taught, but that scoring instinct is what got them excited on Etem.
        We won’t know if they can fix Etem, but I would think now a new coach, and assistants might give Toffoli a good look, or even Weal/Vey/Kozun.
        As for having few openings, before we know it, players like Rob Scuderi, Jarred Stoll, Willie Mitchell will be announcing their retirement from playing, and this will start to open up positions. We also have to be mindful that picks are also like money in the bank for trades, so regardless of having 10 centers, a few of those guys will be very attractive to teams, when the Kings feel its time to make some changes.
        Philly East well, I think we all knew it was going to be Brayden going to TOR or Luke going to PHI. I was talking to my brother-in-law during the draft, and as soon as TOR took Reilly, the 1st thing I said was “Puke Schenn” to which my bro-in-law said yep, and he was a little confused why, and now we know.
        All that talk about Luongo, and Burke is sneaking Schenn behind the back door.
        CONEHEADS yer up!

  5. I was talking to a guy on hockeybuzz yesterday and he mentioned this kid as one we should draft. I then went into the whole “no, look who has made it to thebig club from manchester, the smallest guy is Lewis and he’s 6′ 195 or whatever. Small guys just don’t make the big club so it’d be pointless to draft one.”

    Go figure they end up drafting the fuck. Guy has a lot of upside, no doubt about that. The size issue will be big though, for reasons mentioned above.

  6. looks solid… but what capacity will he fit into our club? there might not be too many spots open for the next few years… etc..

    but beyond that… the video on hammonds of Prokhorkin is juicy…

    Prokhorkin = Frolov 2.0 ?

  7. He was to play with Giroux but by the time The Kings got him in the 6th Philly couldn’t have gotten him? I just wan to make sure I have this story straight…….he was high on Philly’s radar but not drafted…..

    I wouldn’t expect much.

  8. Philly East put the Schenn brothers together today. Yeah, that Philly East/West alliance is still going strong, each scratching each other’s back. Maybe they will merge front offices and save bucks that way—lol….

    As an aside, Isle’s Matt Moulson says he is happy to be united with Lubimir, as old King chums.

    Matt says he is basically feeling good (better about the Kings) given his brother in law Quick winning the Cup and CS MVP award. Why not, since who in the hell knows if Matt and the Isles can ever put it together some year to get a cup. Might as well have a family member get it at least.


  9. Sounds good to me. Hey Bobby, Surly…… any chance of getting more Monarchs coverage this coming season?

  10. I hope he gets a sniff this preseason and maybe a shot on the third or fourth line. He’s got some speed and reminds me of Cams with finish. I wonder what will happen with Clifford, he seems to be the odd man out. When the Kings brought up Nolan and King he kind of became silent.

  11. Westgarth, Parse and Richardson are expendable now.

  12. Bring in Pearson, Hyka and Parise and go for number two.

  13. Sign Parise and get Quickie re-upped long term and here are the lines for next year
    Bench:Richardson,Clifford, Nolan





  14. I don’t know anything about the draftees other than what I read/hear and Craig Button picked Pearson as a rookie that could have an immediate impact on the Kings. The other two “experts” picked Yakipov-1st selection and Murray-2nd overall selection as their picks to have the same impact with their respected teams. We all know Pearson will most likely not make the Kings roster this upcoming year, but it’s reassuring and exciting that Button has such confidence in Tanner’s ability to make a difference on our team. I like it.

    Speaking of steals, how about Ebert being picked with the last draft pick? Just a few short months ago he was ranked in the top ten. His fall from grace was due to entering this past season out of shape and a concern of his hockey IQ. That being said, he was still ranked in the 50-60 range.We got him at 211. Compared to JJ. Considered a high risk/ high reward player. Not a big risk a 211, though. This might be the steal of the Kings draft

    Also, no props/mention of Stoll and Fraser resigning with our beloved team. I think it’s great.

  15. Wow, my grammar sucks on a regular basis, but my sketchy verbage sucks even more at 3:30 in the morning. I can’t even blame it on alcohol.

  16. The Flyers had FIVE SHOTS to draft this kid before the Kings did. What does THAT say?

    • That says Philly is really stupid!!in my opinion kings and flyers were discussing together the Hyka´s situation. Kings gave Flyers some picks and kings have Hyka!!!yessss…i like this guy. His speed and hand skills…it is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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