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  1. Many kudos to the fan or camera pro that had the good fortune to be in the right camera spot to capture one of the best videos imaginable. This video showcases exactly how excited and joyous hockey players will become after fighting the playoff wars for two months. Also, this just shows how deeply engrained their team spirit and camaraderie was to bring them to the ultimate sport victory. They truly did have the team cohesion and confidence and grit to win it all. What a great championship team!!

  2. That’s awesome-

    “YEAH, WE DID IT BABY!!!!!”

  3. How about these f-ing guys!

  4. How about this f-ing guy, Justin Williams,

    New tribute video published yesterday, by JonQuick32:

    Thanks Justin for winning the SC for us fans!!

    • mom: “you watching this stuff AGAIN?!?!”

      me: “I cant stop mother.”

      wow. brought a tear to my eye. seriously.

      • Why stop!? This is something we have all waited for, some longer than others, but all the same, waited. I can watch this over, and over. I can’t wait until I get the DVD!

  5. Anyone got a link to the locker room celebrations!? I seemed to have missed that ;D


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