2012 Free Agency Update – L.A. Kings Sign Jarret Stoll and Colin Fraser

Despite my wishes, Jarret Stoll has been re-signed by the Los Angeles Kings for 3 years, and with a cap hit just higher than Dustin Brown’s. While I feel that having a playmaker on each line is a blueprint for success, it is difficult to argue that Jarret Stoll brings nothing to this team. He has some offensive skill and so creates matchup problems for the opposition. If matched up against a team’s greater offensive players, he can defend effectively. If matched up against that team’s lower lines, he can go on the offensive. He wins face-offs. He kills penalties. Who am I kidding. Jarret Stoll is important and he is here for the next three years. And his current salary is lower than his former. Now that Jordan Staal is traded from the Pittsburgh Penguins, is there a team that can match up down the middle with the Kings? I don’t think so.

And Colin Fraser. Two more years of this bad boy. Glue of the fourth line. When Fraser stepped in and gave the lowest line that much desired physical presence down the middle, he installed a jump within the steps of each player in that group and the energy line was born. The fourth line can forcheck like champs(2012 Stanley Cup Champs), and help to create and maintain momentum for the rest of the team. Fraser is the heart and soul of that belligerence. The moxie if you will. Colin Fraser – The moxie. Boom. And two more years of him at $825,000 per. No raise from his last contract. Nice.

How many teams get to keep their championship roster entirely intact? One more signing and we’re there.

Go Lombardi Go!

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  1. I presume you read the Lombardi and Fraser interviews on Hammond’s site. Lombardi was gleaming that it is easy signing guys if they want to be on the team, which was the case for both Stoll and Fraser. DL has to read up on the Penner wrist surgery medical reports to figure out what is up with all of that and doing a deal.
    Something tells me that DL is going to pull off some deal. He has the money and people to pull off something big for the offense. With a great defensive corps, that ought to be steady as she goes. The team defense is obviously league best. Lombardi has this newly arrived GM nirvana existence where GMs phone him proposing deals. It is now kind of letting good wine mature. He can take the pick of the litter. At least that is what he ought to do.

    • That’s when I think he trades Bernier, when some team is desperate for a Goaltender after 33 Games this coming year, he’ll make the move and “RAPE EM SILLY”

  2. I love that we’ve kept it together (with one exception…do far) but am I the only one that thinks there should be a few new faces in important positions on any attempted repeat? Maybe this is the group of guys to prove me wrong. I hope!

  3. With Stoll and Fraser resigned for 2-3 years, the future doesn’t look bright for Loktionov as a Kings regular.

  4. Ummm, this is your second article here as far as I know. The first one was about free agency, to which this is the update. In the first one you talked about Stoll, and the following was my comment to your original article:

    “So much for all those of you that thought Stoll was expendable, or Lokti would take his place, or Stoll would sign elsewhere for more. Stoll is signed for three years, Fraser is signed for two.

    I have written extensively on how valuable Stoll is to this team. People that lamented his drop in offensive production after he was assigned a checking role and given the likes of Trevor Lewis as “finishers” completely miss Stoll’s actual value.

    When Stoll had good scoring wingers, 2010-2011, his offense was among the top 5 in the league for second centers. He is not incapable of scoring, just ask Cory Schneider or any of his shootout victims, but his game is far more rounded. Stoll can “specialize” in any area of the game, but his job is to be versatile and “matchup proof.”

    Put your top line against him, and he shuts them down. Put your bottom lines against him and he will provide a scoring threat. The man is a Ron Francis type; he is a wild card, the joker in the deck, and he dominates top 5 on the league in faceoffs. He is also incredibly durable, a leader, and terrificly passionate and experienced.

    Thinking Stoll is anything less than pure gold, and appreciating his loyalty and commitment to this team, seems foolish to me. It is counter to everything that the guy with the most important opinion believes, and that is why Dean Lombardi signed him damn near immediately after winning the Stanley Cup.”

    The content of your current article is nearly identical to my comment and was presumably absorbed via osmosis, I suppose, but that would only be possible if you did not read the comments to your own article, and your very first article at that. Sorry to break your balls fresh out the gate, but I think the point is either new content or sourced agreement with previous content.

    • Your opinion (and his) about Stoll is generic, obvious and shared by the majority of the hockey world.

      Don’t be a whiner.

      If he had said Ron Francis and made a deck of cards analogy then you’d have cause to puff up an ruffle your feathers. But “Stoll makes us strong down the middle, can provide offense, is well rounded” is just the hockey db take.

      It’s not a shining example of analytical brilliance by Andrew, but nor is it stealing your opinion. If anything you are trying misappropriate common knowledge as belonging to you.

      • Whiner? Fuck that, man, it’s cheap and below you. And this puff up and ruffle your feathers shit is antagonistic, also.

        Please, examine the material and timing. The guy changes his opinion and assumes mine, immediately afterward. Here, I will spell it out for you.

        Player-X: Put your top line against him, and he shuts them down. Put your bottom lines against him and he will provide a scoring threat.

        Saint Elkins: If matched up against a team’s greater offensive players, he can defend effectively. If matched up against that team’s lower lines, he can go on the offensive.

        Player-X: He is not incapable of scoring, just ask Cory Schneider or any of his shootout victims, but his game is far more rounded. Stoll can “specialize” in any area of the game, but his job is to be versatile and “matchup proof.”

        Saint Elkins: He has some offensive skill and so creates matchup problems for the opposition.

        So if your point, delivered needlessly… what’s the word? Needlessly surly, yeah, that’s the word, surly. What, you the only guy that can be surly without insult, or being called a whiner? You got dipshits like J.T. on here all the time, and the one time I use somewhat strong language to call a guy out you call me a whiner? Like I haven’t exhibited a command of the language, or didn’t in this comment try to be explicit? Fair huh?

        Where was I… Oh yeah, so if your surly point is that he didn’t cut and paste me exactly verbatim, well, you’re right. If you don’t find it true that he changed his opinion 180 degrees after the signing, by rewording the exact same concepts I wrote directly to him, well then we have a language barrier.

        • I did not change my opinion. If you read closely you can tell that I think that having a playmaking player on each line is important. I make this clear through my writing that “I feel that having a playmaker on each line is a blueprint for success.” Being that Lombardi re-signed Stoll instead of taking an alternate route, I thought that I would focus instead on praising Stoll. I never called Stoll useless. It is practically common knowledge that he wins face-offs. If you so much as look up his stats you can tell that he has consistently (barring last season) put up a respectable amount of points. Through my own watching the LA Kings religiously and having the hockey sense to analyze the game, I have seen that he is good defensively. He also plays on the penalty kill.

          Believe it or not. I still feel that there are better fits for the role of third line center on the LA Kings than Jarret Stoll. As I said, since Stoll is a King for three more years, I would focus on the positive, as I had already, in my last article, focused on the reasons why Stoll is not the best fit. Lombardi obviously had a different opinion than me.

          The thoughts that you put forth are not particularly original. That is not to say that my own thoughts on Stoll are either. They are practically in the public domain. The point of my thoughts in this article on Stoll was not necessarily to educate, but rather to put forth that I do believe that Stoll is a valuable player, despite the fact that he does not match up with the “playmaker on each line” model. Regardless of all of the reasons that I wrote that Stoll is not the right fit as the 3C, he still serves a role, doing the many things on the team that you, as well as many analysts before have mentioned.

          To recap: I have not changed my opinion on Jarret Stoll, but rather accepted that he is a King for the next three years, and instead of whining about this, chosen to focus on the positives of the signing. I did this through the use of what is common knowledge to most rabid LA Kings fans. I trust Dean Lombardi. I have my own opinions but I trust him nonetheless. He signed Stoll. I chose to accept this.

          • If you continue to take the high road like this we are never gonna have a rollicking argument to eventually achieve mutual respect after. Spoil-sport.

          • You suck…

          • ha ha. Straight and to the point.

          • ” I trust Dean Lombardi. I have my own opinions but I trust him nonetheless. ” Dean helped get us a Cup in a big way. That said…. I Still have issues wrt team speed. For certain better w/o Zues and Smyth. But he still goes for basically the same sort of forward.
            The heavy checking game indeed does seem built for the playoffs, but I tend to think it might demand an awful lot of them during the season having to win a lot of one goal games.
            And that, knowing that the other teams will really be gunning for them as champions.
            Am a bit tired so my point probably isn’t all that clear…. but guess I’m saying that DL did very well having drafted a Voynov, a Martinez to solidify the back end and bring in some speed, but how he’s handled the forwards…. personally I need to see a full season or more of Nolan and King to better assess where we are with those guys.

            I heard someone on xfm say that the team still does lack a bit of speed and I tend to agree with that, but that doesn’t seem to fit DL’s philosophy.

        • Wanna fight? Let’s go to the parking lot

    • Uh oh… guest writer tiff over who will be the belle of the ball! Grudge match time.

    • That’s what makes this Board so valuable, the right to have a different opinion, method, Idea ………I think the re-signning of Stoll and Fraser makes us the TOP TEAM IN THE LEAGUE at Center 1-4

    • YES! Biggest panty bunch in history! Glad I was here to see it:)

  5. Finally we have a spirited pissing contest to enliven our summertime. Keep it coming while I am watching Stoll highlights including the winner on Cory.

    • Player X is jealous. How cute

      • Maybe he should go start his own blog where he can bitch about people having the same opinions as him.

        • I check in and what do I read? Blog bickering on who can say it better..
          This is because our Stanley Cup winning Kings have made S&S bloggers satisified…this tckles my funny bone. I will be in After Glow Land for a long long while …
          fyi the Hermosa Parade was so fun!
          Stollie represented Well…Beautiful beach day with the Beautiful Stanley Cup.

  6. One more player? I am guessing you dont want King or Penner back.

    King brought it like a champ, Penner stepped up big time, but that seems to be his motive, low and slow through the season, rising to the playoff challenge.

    If you asked me 3 months ago if I would say keep Penner I would have slapped you, but after his performance in the cup run, I say keep him, for 2.5 or less. Anything higher, he can walk.
    I like the hometown discount for him. his 4.5 was too high.

    I am not worried about out team for this year(12-13), but the year after(13-14).
    Quick… UFA 1.8m Obviously getting a bump in pay. Cap is my worry.
    Bernier (RFA 1.25m) Doubt he will want to stay as a backup.
    Scuds (UFA 3.4m)
    Richardson (UFA 1.1m)
    Gagne (UFA 3.5) unless he stays healthy and productive, I dont imagine we will be keeping him.
    Drewski (UFA 616k)
    Cliffy (RFA 870k)
    Lewis (RFA 725k)
    Nolan (RFA 531k)
    Voynov (RFA 816k)
    Martinez (RFA 737k)

    That said, the guys this year 12-13, will be fighting for spots, we should be seeing a GREAT year of hockey.

  7. Man this is crazy when you look at it. We have basically the same team after winning the stanley cup! Thats pretty amazing! Do you think we can repeat?

  8. Penner needs to stay — he’s clearly a key cog in the locker room. You’ve never heard a teammate say anything but the best about him. The team appears to genuinely love him.

    So, offer him an incentive laden contract that matches the money of the Brown/Stoll range. He performs, he gets good money. And, if he doesn’t…

    …Insist it be a two way deal…he’d never clear waivers, but the threat of Manchester (and the public humiliation of it) would keep him in check.

  9. My basic policy is SIZE uber alles.

    It’s an old theme with me, one I’ve repeated throughout the season — as soon as I saw how much height and poundage we lost from 2011’s team. I’m referring, of course, to Zus, Poni, Smyth, and Simmonds (who always played bigger than he is).

    We didn’t un-fuck that loss until we picked up Carter — not exactly Mighty Joe Young, but definitely taller than Loktionov — and those two wonderful glops of shit, King and Nolan. They — and the sudden awakening of Penner — gave us the minimum amount of mass required for the playoffs.

  10. at the risk of sounding as ignorant as I actually am, what’s with the same elkins reference?

  11. it is amazing how Penner wasn’t worth shit to LA for the whole time he has been a King, but then has an unbelievable run in the playoffs, and now he is a MUST KEEP guy?

    Give him the boot, no one will care after he is gone. Same with Loktionov, worthless. This King team will continue on, probably better, without them!

  12. Perhaps for an author to post a piece in this open forum, the subject and purpose should be a “Fresh Take” as Jim Rome would say, and not a rehashed thought or opinion.
    Since I have been active here, I can’t recall any edited or revised posting, or redundancy.
    Sometimes there is a 2nd part, but that is not redundancy.
    The authors for the most part have not posted revisions of a previously written article or opinion, and I don’t think this should start to happen now.
    While we don’t want to become that blog, which is attached to the LA Kings website, we also don’t need to become a Facebook group, where there is no filter and you get the same people always saying the same thing over and over again.
    Nobody should be bigger than the group, but at the same time, veteran or newer contributors need to understand submitting another, revised or rewritten piece on a story/thought that was just discussed, is redundant and really not necessary.
    It should be the responsibility of the author to look at previous subject matter, and make a decision on whether or not it really is necessary to add to this group.
    Let me recap:
    Stoll great 3rd line center, embraced his role and plays in all situations and is solid. If you get scoring out of your 3rd line, that is a bonus just like the 4th line. Veteran who can also be used to groom a successor.
    Bernier you keep the guy until the very last moment before the trade deadline, especially if something happens to Quick. Let Zatkoff/Jones/Berube play in the AHL/ECHL rather than sitting on the bench.
    Penner you let him walk. Locker room joker or not, wrist surgery or not, the Kings have some youth who might be better fits on a 2nd line, even a 3rd line Toffoli/Weal/Vey/Kozun. You don’t carry a guy on your roster because he can be great in the playoffs, its a waste of salary, and a roster spot.
    Team speed might be an issue, but scoring goals was the biggest issue. You can neutralize an opponents speed by checking and being physical.
    New coach, new architect for the powerplay and Carter for a full season, maybe that scoring and powerplay start to show improvement this season.
    Quick is your #1 priority, also making good on the promise to Kopitar about being the highest paid player on the team should be addressed.
    Dustin Brown should also be given a little more money. He’s been a great captain, and with the new philosophy under Sutter, it makes him that much more valuable.
    Should the Kings go after a Parise, sure, but then you have to think about how that impacts your CAP going forward. With a upcoming new CBA, the CAP ceiling could be lowered rather than increased.
    The future RFA’ after this next season, should be addressed after the next season.
    The prospects can also be used to acquire areas of need when required. There are a few guys who are still playing in college, who will be heading towards Manchester or Ontario very soon.
    Eventually, you are going to have significant injuries, players retire, which will open up positions for players in the system.
    Lombardi has now added more forwards to help balance the number of defensemen in the system.
    The one thing the Kings had in their favor was a pretty injury free season, and knock on wood this good fortune follows them for years to come.
    Ok let the bashing begin!

  13. Be interesting to see if we go after Ray Whitney if he doesn’t extend in Phx. DL always liked him.

    • If Dean didn’t pull the trigger in the last few years, why in the hell would he pull it now? Our desperation isn’t close to what it was years ago. Although, I’d rather have Loki “try” his luck at Center and sign the likes of Whitney to play with Carter…then extend Stole…to three years…but salary does have a cap. Signing stoll to 3 years is the same as signing greene to another 3. Wake up LA.

      • Whitney on a line with Carter and Richards would be sexy.

        I’m a bit mixed with the Stoll signing. Like the guy more than it appears you do, but I’m not sold that he brings any offensive talent besides his intangibles (which are great btw). But I will say this…. Lokti does not fit into our organizational structure imo. I’ve never liked what I’ve seen from him. Maybe he hasn’t been given enough time, I don’t know.

        • I love Stoll. He’s one of the first guys who actually convinced me he wanted to be in LA. Basically he took advantage of the high class pussy in the area. I respect that. I wish he would be at every game….for a lesser cap hit, or a spectator. For 3+million?????? I’d have to be as crazy as Dea

        • Lombardi didn’t want to give Whitney the extra year, one year ago. Doubt he will want to give that to him now

          • Just a question, but Penner or Whitney?

            Maybe Whitney changes tune, or Lombardi after the SC run. Maybe not.

            Just throwing his name out there as a possibility.

          • Playoff Penner or any form of Whitney. Regular season Whitney over Regular Season Penner circa 2011-2012. It’s all relative.

          • Ill take 77 points in the regular season over Penner coming through only in the playoffs. Dude had 53 assists in the regular season last year and 24 goals, all signed to 3 mil salary. Imagine him (and to some extent Richards) setting up Carter… Carter’s bound for at least 30 goals next year if it happens.

            Who would you rather have at a hypothetical 3 mil? Ray Whitney is vastly underrated, better than Penner. Penner had a great playoffs and I love the guy, but Whitney is my choice easily.

          • Penner saved face during the playoffs, but let’s not give him too much credit. He sucked so bad during the regular season he made his average potential look all-star. I’d take Whitney without question at equal value.

          • Ooops, guess I was signed out again.

          • Yeah. Total no brainer to pick whitney.

  14. The obvious comment is 3rd and 4th line centers don’t win shit unless your 1st and 2nd centers are gold….ie, kopitar and richards. Stolls cap and salary hit don’t make sense in terms of production on paper. We won the cup, but not everything the Kings, or Lombardi, does from here on out is ingenious. Stoll is signed for 2 years too long. I would rather have fraser, given what our team NEEDS (kopi and richards are two of the best top PK centers in NHL), than Stoll who is commanding way much more in salary. I’d rather plug in a center until the trade deadline and evaluate, than pay stoll a lot for a guy who everyone would’ve dumped 55 games into the season. THIS IS NOT A GOOD MOVE. IT MIGHT BE OK, BUT ON PAPER IT IS NOT.

    • Stoll only has NHL quickness when he bends his knees, puts his stick in front, and acts like a speed skater. Even then, it’s NHL average at best. When is the last time this guy has shown anything worth 3+ million beyond winning a faceoff….in a situation that he has no offensive upside???? Remember the only thing we have in common with recent cup winners (besides Detroit) is that we sucked for far too long!!!! Wake the fuck up. This stoll signing is as bad as i’ve seen. I would probably trade o’sullivan for stoll at this point. i’m assuming his hit in manchester will be less than stolls

  15. I’ve seen Stoll is too much money, or I’d rather have a 40+ year old rental in Whitney playing with Carter and Richards, I’d rather have Loktionov at center on a 3rd or 4th line, even Fraser on the 3rd line.
    Here is my response to all of this bullshit!
    Save your GM hat for your NHL 2013, and stop playing Monday Morning GM, or just go back to that Inside Hack Rich Hammond’ Blog.
    Lombardi on Stoll: I admit I was wrong placing Stoll at wing, its not his natural position, and this is my fault for the decline in his offensive numbers. Stoll is at his best when he is playing center, and having strength at the center position was key to our teams success. Stolly also does so many things off the ice also, which make him a great team mate and just an overall great team guy. You never see Stolly alone, he always has a team mate with him.
    I’m paraphrasing this, but this is why Lombardi got this done as soon as he did.
    Lombardi is now working on the extension for Quick BTW.
    Ray Whitney is 40 yrs old. There really is no reason to sign a 40 yr old, especially if he might play at the most a year. You keep talking about the 2nd line with Richards and Carter, where Penner played. I think the only reason why he was playing on that line was because of the injury to Simon Gagne. Gagne should be healthy come the start of the season, so I think he will be the guy who is penciled in to play LW on the 2nd line. I don’t want to hear well what if he has another concussion and is out for the rest of the season. Well, Mike Richards had a concussion which kept him out for 10+ games I think, but nobody is bullet proof, so you put that whole argument to the side.
    Lombardi was talking about going into negotiations with Penner, but it would mean a serious commitment on behalf of Penner, along with the right amount of money for Lombardi to seriously think about re-signing Penner. Lombardi knows if Penner were to apply himself, he could be a scary guy to deal with, but that is up to Penner, who he said started to respond once Sutter took over.
    Loktionov: The Kings are stacked at the center position so much so, they don’t even have enough room using Manchester as overflow. Every chance Loktionov has had to make his impression in the NHL has not been enough to justify keeping him up. I don’t want to hear he has only played so many games either. The only guy I will even entertain this argument about is Matt Moulson ,and Loktionov has had way more games to prove he belongs, unlike what happened with Moulson. The problem with Loktionov is simple, he’s not a 3rd line or a 4th line center, and he’s not in the same league at Kopitar/Richards/Carter/Stoll/Lewis/Richardson. He’s not physical, and isn’t tough enough for the style of the Kings game. He might have some skilled puck handling, and great vision on the ice, but he’s a pass 1st, shot second mentality offensively, and not a mucker or grinder. A 3rd line center is out there to check and pressure the opponents, and Loktionov isn’t this type of player. Loktionov would be a better fit on a team that needs a 2nd line center, but because he hasan’t thrived on a wing, he’s eliminated his options with the Kings.
    There are a lot of prospects who might not be as skilled with a puck like Loktionov, but these prospects are more physical, and flexible which makes them more versatile.

    • Ill take a 77 point season, 40 year old Whitney over Penner every day of the week. We don’t need him more than 2 seasons anyways… same as Penner.

  16. By one more signing, are you talking about Penner or Quick? Because if the Kings want to win another cup soon, they will HAVE to resign Quickie to a long term deal….


  1. Will Stoll be here for three years? _/ . MCSORLEY'S STICK _/ .

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