Consider this…

At the same time the Ryan Smyth soap opera took place, Dean Lombardi was in discussions with the Philadelphia Flyers about Mike Richards. The trades occurred within a day of each other.

Mike Richards and his best friend, Jeff Carter, were separated from their Philadelphia roots and planted nearly across the country from each other. If it wasn’t for Ryan Smyth’s drama and trade to the Oilers, they may not have reunited in Los Angeles. Do the Kings win the Cup without Jeff Carter? I don’t think so.

Colin Fraser was the player Dean Lombardi wanted to give back or, at a minimum, he wanted Steve Tambellini to get repeatedly horse fucked as a result of hiding his injury. Most of the comments from Lombardi led one to believe he didn’t intend to keep Fraser. Yet, Fraser not only stayed but became the glue to the fourth line center position and an important part of our Cup run…and he just signed an extension.

Slava Voynov nearly bolted to Russia more than once when he did not make the L.A. Kings out of camp. If he had left, we would not have traded Jack Johnson to get Jeff Carter. We may not have won the Stanley Cup if Slava had decided to leave.

Two offseasons ago, the L.A. Kings were heavily after Ilya Kovalchuk. The contract was going to be massive but was not as big as the one offered by New Jersey. Had we signed Kovalchuk, could we have paid Doughty $7 million per season? If we signed Kovalchuk and Doughty to those contracts, could we have afforded Mike Richards? Carter? Would we have signed Penner?

And we then faceoff against that same Russian prima donna in the Stanley Cup Finals where he puts up 1 goal (an empty netter I believe) and finishes with a -3.

Dustin Penner was a key part of that disgusting Anaheim Ducks team that won the Cup and contributed to one of the darkest moments of my hockey life. He then left for Edmonton for an inflated contract. The frugal Dean Lombardi took on that inflated contract and Dustin Penner became a key part of our Los Angeles Kings team that won the Cup, the brightest moment of my hockey life.

Almost none of us wanted Darryl Sutter as coach because of what we had heard about him. Darryl Sutter turned out to be the coach that turned this team around and led us to the Stanley Cup.

Our goals per game average was atrocious all season, often dead last or 2nd to last. Our goals per game was the third best among all playoff teams during the Stanley Cup playoffs, only behind Pittsburgh and Philadelphia but only because those two teams didn’t play any damn defense and their goaltenders practiced the art of who could suck more.

Our powerplay was the bane of our existence and we screamed for the firing of Jamie Kompon all season. Our powerplay scored three goals during one major powerplay and essentially put game 6 out of reach. Only after that monumental defining success, we told Jamie Kompon to take a hike.