What a Strange Sequence of Events Led to The Stanley Cup Kings

Consider this…

At the same time the Ryan Smyth soap opera took place, Dean Lombardi was in discussions with the Philadelphia Flyers about Mike Richards. The trades occurred within a day of each other.

Mike Richards and his best friend, Jeff Carter, were separated from their Philadelphia roots and planted nearly across the country from each other. If it wasn’t for Ryan Smyth’s drama and trade to the Oilers, they may not have reunited in Los Angeles. Do the Kings win the Cup without Jeff Carter? I don’t think so.

Colin Fraser was the player Dean Lombardi wanted to give back or, at a minimum, he wanted Steve Tambellini to get repeatedly horse fucked as a result of hiding his injury. Most of the comments from Lombardi led one to believe he didn’t intend to keep Fraser. Yet, Fraser not only stayed but became the glue to the fourth line center position and an important part of our Cup run…and he just signed an extension.

Slava Voynov nearly bolted to Russia more than once when he did not make the L.A. Kings out of camp. If he had left, we would not have traded Jack Johnson to get Jeff Carter. We may not have won the Stanley Cup if Slava had decided to leave.

Two offseasons ago, the L.A. Kings were heavily after Ilya Kovalchuk. The contract was going to be massive but was not as big as the one offered by New Jersey. Had we signed Kovalchuk, could we have paid Doughty $7 million per season? If we signed Kovalchuk and Doughty to those contracts, could we have afforded Mike Richards? Carter? Would we have signed Penner?

And we then faceoff against that same Russian prima donna in the Stanley Cup Finals where he puts up 1 goal (an empty netter I believe) and finishes with a -3.

Dustin Penner was a key part of that disgusting Anaheim Ducks team that won the Cup and contributed to one of the darkest moments of my hockey life. He then left for Edmonton for an inflated contract. The frugal Dean Lombardi took on that inflated contract and Dustin Penner became a key part of our Los Angeles Kings team that won the Cup, the brightest moment of my hockey life.

Almost none of us wanted Darryl Sutter as coach because of what we had heard about him. Darryl Sutter turned out to be the coach that turned this team around and led us to the Stanley Cup.

Our goals per game average was atrocious all season, often dead last or 2nd to last. Our goals per game was the third best among all playoff teams during the Stanley Cup playoffs, only behind Pittsburgh and Philadelphia but only because those two teams didn’t play any damn defense and their goaltenders practiced the art of who could suck more.

Our powerplay was the bane of our existence and we screamed for the firing of Jamie Kompon all season. Our powerplay scored three goals during one major powerplay and essentially put game 6 out of reach. Only after that monumental defining success, we told Jamie Kompon to take a hike.

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  1. Crazy to think of all the little things that had to fall in place and click to get that first Cup. Guess that’s why everybody says this is the hardest damn bit of hardware to win among all sports. When your team sucks so hard for so long, it’s easy to take the 20/20 look back and say, “what if?” But right now, I get to listen to the fans of the other teams talk about our lucky bounces, non-calls, and breaks; and really I…just…don’t…care! Call it “Winner’s Ambivalence”. We won. That’s it! Excuses/Qualifiers/What If’s be damned!!! If any of the above things didn’t happen, we’d probably be hanging DL in effigy. But all those things did happen. So we get to spend the summer basking in the warm glow of the reflection off of the Stanley Cup. And everybody else gets to pick apart our season and say “but if that didn’t happen…” Fuck ’em! I’m just gonna enjoy this high and then burn an Avs’ jersey later this year prior to Frozen Fury as a sacrifice to the hockey gods. GO KINGS GO!!!

  2. You can lay out all the fucking “what-ifs” you want. But the Truth is far more prosaic.

    We won the Stanley Cup because I was able to keep it in my pants and refrain from posting throughout most of the playoffs.

    The microsecond I opened my yap and allowed myself to speculate about us being the champeens — precisely at that moment we lost games.

    Luckily I was able to interpret these data correctly . . . loss of essence. So I gritted my teeth and shut the fuck up until the last coffin nail was hammered home in game 6.

    Please . . . please don’t thank me. I did it for the team.

    • Thanks for keeping the creamy discharge of a champion locked up until late June. Now go let loose. But please stay away from Doughty. He doesn’t need that sort of influence.

    • Loktionov away Tuan! Loktionov away….

      • Not fast enough to suit me.

        It’s not just his lack of size. That’s bad enough. A well-aimed fart can knock him off the puck.

        Five feet eleven. Don’t make me fucking laugh. A guy that minute is like a cat winding round your legs when you’re at the top of a steep flight of stairs. He can cripple our big guys just by mousing around at their feet and causing them to fall over..

        I say, put him quietly to death and replace him with somebody at least tall enough to see over the Vaseline counter at the local fuck movie theater.

    • Haha! Loss of essence? P.O.E.
      Dr Strangelove

      • . . . and my favorite part of the film.

        I especially like, “Women sense my power and seek the life essence. I do not avoid women, Mandrake. But I do deny them my essence.”

  3. All those moves you talked about, everything falling into place. On a roll heading into the playoffs and remarkably completely healthy. It takes all of these pieces and a bunch of luck or the planets to align and reach glory.

    I think you really have to hand it to DL. Of course DS and the players.

    This is why as much as I am in dynasty mode, I refrain and am so thankful and happy for what this team has done for us this year. We could very well never win a cup again or at least not for a long time, but at least we have this improbable one to treasure forever.

    Now if you havent already gone out and bought your 2012 Stanley Cup Champion memorabilia please do so now….a message from the NHL.

  4. I think you mean Steve Tambellini not Jeff.

  5. Well, if I hadn’t sat next to Surly throughout most of the season..I probably wouldn’t of heard of this website. Fortunately, after meeting him, we found him via Facebook and discovered this website we go on religiously go on. Thanks guys! (I think I made some sense)

  6. I have my Thesis Defense this summer…and I plan to take the Darryl Sutter approach in answering my committee’s questions.

  7. You forgot Doughty long dicking the Puck Bunny. If Doughty doesnt put the biscuit in the basket with the broad, who knows what would of happened.

  8. To be on the opposite side of the accomplishments this past season, I look back to Pittsburgh at Michel Therrien was coached the Penguins to the Stanley Cup finals in 2008, and then the very next season was replaced by Dan Bylsma, and went on to win the cup in 2009.
    Therrien was the guy who got the Penguins back into the playoffs the previous 2 years, and then in following season, similar to Terry Murray was replaced.
    Fingers crossed isn’t the case with Sutter.

  9. if you are the praying, chanting or “i didnt jinx’em” sort, then do what you must to ensure off-season diet, gym and sled work gets done. After that abosulute thrashing the Kings unleashed, the rational man can only consider odds ,of another of (GO) deep run next significant, barring injury or apathy. (Penner was awesome, but ……)

  10. I would gladly take another strange and weird season that brought a two-peat. I could do without pancake jokes and wrangling ugly queens out of Sharkeez. At least I am not shown Kompom PP educational videos that are foolishly dead wrong that even mighty midget kids would scratch their heads over.
    Anyway. Our Kings own the Cup by unprecented historic records that was hockey shock and awe.
    Go Kings Go!!!

  11. The Mike Richards trade is easily the riskiest and most rewarding transaction of the year. A hard-hitting center with skill? A natural leader by example? A true warrior, ready to carry his team in battle? He’s not only those things – and more – but he’s responsible for turning Dustin Brown into the hockey player he is today. Sometimes it takes a flame under your ass to start learning how to finish.

    Regardless of how the trade worked out, It showed me Dean was committed to the plan of winning. There’s always a point with a young team on the rise where prospects must be converted to on-ice production. Some GM’s would’ve stood pat. I’m glad he had the guts to give up something to get something. Well done, Dean.

    • Hmmmm…I agree it was a very good trade, both clubs benefited and Richards was a very important part of our Cup run but I think to say he was responsible for turning Dustin Brown into the hockey player he is today is wild speculation.

      • Clearly it’s a little much. How about we settle at Richards accelerating Brownies development by at least one season ;) I didn’t recognize the DB that played in the WC playoffs. I seemed like he had the most to prove out there..justified or not.

  12. I don’t think I will ever forget that Brownie hat trick which was his backlash saying I am running this team and I am not leaving LA. He began carrying the team on his shoulders from then until exploding on Game Six. True 4 star Captain. Maybe now The Admiral of the team.

  13. If Smyth stays, the Kings still sign Richards and we don’t finish fucking 8th because at least ONE person (Smyth) would have planted his ass in front of the net which would have allowed us 2 more wins. Those two wins would have won us the division and we would have played Phoenix (whom we beat) and then gone on to face Nashville or St Louis or maybe even Vancouver and beaten them anyway.

    Richards had a crappy year.

    Yes, they all came together at the right time, but if we’re playing “what if’s”…

    What if Simon Gagne isn’t hurt and the Kings never call up Dwight King who scored 5 goals and assisted on the 3rd most important goal of his career in Game 6?

    What if Dean Lombardi hadn’t traded away Craig Conroy? We never would have HAD the 4th round pick that wa used to select dwight King.

    What if the Kings had KEPT Brayden Holtby with the pick they traded to Washington in order to select Alec Martinez?

    I can do this all day, but CPK is calling me!

    Cheers buddy!

  14. WHAT IF we take Myers instead of Teubert, thus having too much trade value to make the deal for Penner, in turn, never winning the cup. OMG this is scary.


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