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  1. Kopi has his own breakfast of champions. Looks like he has a winner recipe which ought to be added at the Staples’ concession stands. It would be a huge hit with the fans.
    As for those slippers, they get a thumbs up. It is great to see his family closeness. That is precious and no doubt his family has been an immense influence in molding him into an NHL star. I look for him to even become a better player and All-Star.

  2. Goddamnit, Scribe!

    I’m not getting any video. It just reads, “Advertisement” and is surrounded by a whole lotta empty white space.

    Whatever you fucked up here, will you please un-fuck it?

  3. Kinda creeps me out when his family laughs at the very end haha

  4. My daughters call Anze, “Palacinky Kopitar” ever since this video. Their grandmother from Slovakia makes the same pancakes.

  5. The pancakes are just a sideshow in this video. This video is all about the homer Simpson slippers.

  6. What’s up with the Kings and Justin Schultz? He’s a free agent now and he can move the puck. He would be a second young defenseman who can move the puck out and skate like Doughty but smaller (like Visnovsky). I don’t know if Voynov is a long term solution on offense after moving JJ and he would only be about a 2.2 million cap hit per year for the next two years. Why not try him out on the second d-line with Greene or Mitchell? Scuderi’s contract is up in two years and we could re-up Schultz instead and he would only be 23. We would still have the majority of our defense under 25 with 2-4 of NHL experience under their belts!

  7. I think I saw Gasper smoking a bowl in the back.

  8. Love the Homer slippers, I have the exact same pair.


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