Up Yours CBS and Andy Strickland. Jonathan Bernier Better Stay.

I want to poke out CBS’ eye…the one they have on hockey. And Andy Strickland too, that Blues loving so and so. He claims his sources confirmed “Bernier has asked the team to move him to a team where he’d have a chance to play. Kings GM Dean Lombardi told the player he would look to move him once the Quick deal was completed.”

If Strickland doesn’t shut his source up and is not careful, he may headline one of our top ten lists where bestiality and the creation of new forms of torture will be the nice things we write about him.

“But Scribe, he is just reporting what he has heard.”

Up yours too. I just heard you have Gonorrhea. I am taking out an ad.

I love Jonathan Bernier. I love his goaltending style. He has tremendous potential to become a star in this league. He needs 25 + games as a backup to show it. Then, we’ll have two great Stanley Cup Champion L.A. Kings goalies between our majestic pipes.

“But Scribe, that is exactly why he wants to go. He doesn’t want to be a backup anymore. He’s ready.”

“________ [your name here] has full body Herpes,” sky written on your birthday over your house. Keep it up.

Who the hell are we going to put in goal behind Quick? Martin Jones? Zatkoff? Are you Mother Sutting kidding me? Quick cannot play every game and I don’t want an unproven goaltender there. I want to win the Division, the West and another Cup. Besides, what is Bernier’s value right now? He hasn’t played enough NHL games to get a top 6 forward for him. It will likely be a pick, maybe a prospect and a pick. Maybe. If you must trade him, you don’t do it now.

“But Scribe, he only has one more year on his contract!”

I hate you.

He’ll be an RFA, okay? R-F-A. Nobody is going to give him an offer sheet. Wait until the end of next season and see if our younger goalies actually show us they may be ready for the backup role. Perhaps pick up a backup in free agency or via trade. Something. Not this. Not now.

Jonathan Bernier stays.

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  1. No way. 1 more season. Who’s to say he wont finally challenge for the no.1 spot? I know quick just agreed to a deal but look what happened to that ugly fuck, whining, bitch made luongo.. its hockey right? Anything can happen. RFA! Wait!

    • What happened to him? He played well and people blamed him for a Stanley Cup Final loss, even though the ginger twins didn’t show up when it mattered. He played well against us and was still yanked. He’s a scape goat for the franchise.

      • Hes still was outplayed. And his team played better with him on the bench. All I’m saying is anything can happen and we are much safer with Bernie backing up and if we can get away with that for another season and still get something back for him next year then we are dumb to trade now.

  2. I dont think hes gunna be happy here knowing hes pretty much always gunna be a back up if he stays. let him play more games this season and prove hes good then, trade him at the deadline. to a team who really needs him.

  3. Sutter plays his #1 goalie 70+ games per season, Bernier should be moved. Sign a veteran backup to fill in for the few games that he actually starts.

    Bernier has his cup, now he wants to start. Dean will grant his wish, but probably closer to camp after dean signs a backup. You want a backup that knows the role, Bernier isn’t that player.

    • I’m torn on this one. I’d like to see JB go somewhere where he can start. He’s put his time in. On the other hand, if Quick gets injured next year, I would feel better to have JB around to step in. We have a team that can compete for the SC (still not used to saying that!), but don’t feel comfortable with Z or Jones yet. But then again, when will they be ready if we never bring them up?
      Tough decision.

    • Ask St. Louis how they would have managed to even be in the playoffs with Halak and Jake Allen.
      Kings keep a soon to be RFA until the trade deadline.
      Lombardi holds onto his assets. There is no need to just trade Bernier.
      If he is comfortable feeling Zatkoff or Jones are better served sitting on a bench, rather than playing in the AHL another year, then that is where they are going to play.
      “Well they just go and sign a veteran goalie to a 1 year deal.” Usually there is a reason why a team or teams choose not to sign that revolving goalie door. They are unsigned for a reason!
      Do the Kings have to get rid of Bernier now? No, his CAP hit is still 1.8 mill same as Quick and its not like he needs to adjust to a new team, goalie coach etc…
      Ask PHX how much they missed Bryzgalov, and how much Bryzgalov missed Sean Burke!
      Bernier is a huge pawn in this chess game, and Lombardi seems to be better at Chess, as opposed to poker, like his beatdown by Don Meehan.
      There are going to be all sorts of rumors surfacing, and I honestly believe Dean has told Bernier he will give him his wish, it will just be at the right time and for the right player(s)/picks.
      You keep your core intact, you have time to make a deal that makes sense to both the Kings and to Bernier.
      Giving Quick a contract for 3yrs or 10yrs makes no difference.
      Bernier goes at the trade deadline, for picks or players or both.

      • The trade deadline does no good for young unproven talent once again. The trade deadline is for the vets. Check out the history of goalies moving at the deadline.

        The best return is before the year starts, not towards the end.

        Its not the same with goaltenders.

  4. Keep Bernier. If he wants to start elsewhere it’s only one more year until he’s an RFA and can field offer sheets. If we deal him now, he’s just a $1.25-mil back-up who has “potential” — potential we know about but every other GM would scoff at. We’d never get his true value back in trade.

    Besides, who knows what can happen over the season? Quicker — may God forbid — might pull his groin while sliding coast-to-coast in the crease and be out for months on end. Under such circumstances Bernier would get his chance to shine.

    DO NOT TRADE HIM! Scribe speaks holy wisdom. Fuck CBS and the airwaves it rides in on.

    • The value of Bernier is only his value to us. If we can get more for Bernier than we value him – yet less than “market value” – it’s still a good move for us. The problem, as mentioned above, is we would have to seek a replacement through trade or FA. Our farm goalies are simply not ready. You keep Bernier. His RFA rights still have value at end of the season. No sense and blowing your load too soon. What hole must we fill????? For once, we have zero desperation. Anyone that says trade Bernier needs to have their fucking heads checked. This is about a cup, not extracting some fictional trade value. Keeping Bernier gives us the best chance of repeating. Sorry for baseball reference….but too many novice hockey fans look at backup goalies the same way they view a backup shortstop or something. These guys are more like a starting pitcher. They generally play around once every 4-5 games. They are not to be overlooked. And don’t get me started on Quick potentially tearing his groin. Yeah I said it.

    • We still have a few wing issues coming down the pike in a year or two. This might be a great time to stock the farm and pick up some high draft choices for next season and season after. The way the league is structured this would be the final key in the road map for long term success.

  5. I replied to your post without reading your actual post. Glad to see I have another groin supporter out there

  6. I would hate to keep Bernier if he doesn’t want to be here. He will be great and deserves a shot. Why would we keep him if he might cause tension in the locker room. Sutter won’t play him anyways, he likes his 40 win goalies! I hope Quick stays healthy and we win many more cups!!!!!!!!!!

  7. You don’t want an unproven goaltender behind Quick, yet that is exactly what Bernier is.

    Sign a vet for a mil-2 to back him up. That’s what they’re there for.

    • He is a proven backup. That is all I care about. I am not looking for a number 1 behind Quick. Only a solid number 2.

      • I don’t want to pull a JT Dutch, Bobby, but he is hardly proven in anything.

        You don’t let a guy like Bernier walk. He won’t extend here so he’s walking once his contract is up. Second, you don’t trade a young goalie at the trade deadline, you trade them at the beginning of the year. Veteran tenders are traded at the deadline.

        There are plenty of veteran tenders who we can get to be backup. Think Labarbera in Phx. I don’t see any value in keeping Bernier at this point. Let the kid get his chance to start elsewhere and let us get a good return for him. That is only a win win.

        • Umm he’s proven to be the class of the AHL and has shown flashes of brilliance in the NHL…while putting up very formidable numbers along the way. Who isn’t happy with Bernier as our number 2? That’s my definition of “proven”. Nobody would desire him if he didn’t appear to be more than capable. The truth about all this is no matter what Bernier wants, he has NO leverage. He needs to continue to play – and play well. He better make the best of what he gets. His day will come.

          • He’s had 19 games over the last 3 years in the NHL with about a .913 save %.

            If by flashes you mean the type when 2 atoms hit together at CERN, you’re right.

            He hasn’t proven anything at the NHL level, once again.

            The team would be better off trading him by himself or in a package with a guy like lokti, clifford, or richardson for a second like wing or a high draft pick and a 3rd line player or a combination.

            Young goaltenders don’t make the best backups, especially young tenders who’ve never been and won’t be given a number 1 role on the current team he’s on. There are VERY few exceptions.

            Once again, the return for Bernier is far and away better than him staying on the team. I keep hearing this “well he can be a backup” line. First, he doesn’t want to be a backup. Second, there are some vets who don’t mind that role and can arguably do a better job than Bernier at this point.

          • Consider Bernier’s 6 game stretch from Dec. 29 to Feb. 28….124 shots faced…6 GA…..952 SV%. What’s required of a young goalie to have a flash of brilliance? He passes my “eye” test as well as any statistics I’ve seen. Help me out here.

          • x2, for once I’m on the JT Dutch side of the fence.

        • Lol Labarbara.

        • Haha, Portland, I can’t even back you on this one, LaBarbera? Are you out of your mind? You need to sit in time-out and write one million times, I will not mention that name again, ever!

    • “You don’t want an unproven goaltender behind Quick, yet that is exactly what Bernier is.
      Sign a vet for a mil-2 to back him up. That’s what they’re there for.”

      Who said unproven behind Quick? You said unproven, everyone else from what I am reading is referring to Jeff Zatkoff and Martin Jones, as being those “unproven” goalies.

      Bernier hasn’t been kept on the bench because he hasn’t proven otherwise, he’s been kept on the bench because of the coaches they have had.

      Terry Murray is the guy who refused to play Bernier, not Bernier failing to play for Murray.

      Sutter might have gone with Quick the remainder of the season because he hadn’t had a chance to make that decision on his own at the time.

      If my goaltender was saving my teams ass almost every night because the forwards and defense together struggled to score more than 2 goals max on average, I’d stay with they guy who was doing this also.

      Murray drove Quick into the ground similar to what he did to the now assistant GM when he coached him. I think the only thing Murray did right with Bernier was figure out Bernier had Nashville’ number. Murray was the guy who said he was going to stay with the hot goaltender, yet after Quick had 3 shutouts in a row, decided to play Bernier. No it wasn’t Quick who asked for a day off, or was injured, it was Terry Murray who just decided to be Terry Murray. How do I know? I asked a few people other than Rich Hammond or Terry Murray. Nick Nixon, Bob Miller, Daryl didn’t know why Terry didn’t play Quick.

      You want a proven losing goaltender, then sign a veteran FA goaltender, because you can save 250,000 in the process.

      Why would you want to keep a goalie who has been with your organization since he was drafted, played his way up through the system, was an AHL All Star goaltender, and faces your NHL roster for an entire season?

      Why? Fantasy League or NHL 2013, otherwise only in Maine or Oregon are all I can think of. Maybe its me being uninformed, uneducated, or maybe its because I chose cargo shorts over board shorts this morning before I read my e-mail.

      I haven’t heard Bernier demand in public his desire to be traded. Is it all over the press in Canada? Did I miss something?

      He’s got his cup, so he can leave now. Yeah that is a great reason for justification.

      • You just threw all this random shit into what should be a post and it makes almost no sense whatsoever.

        You get on Jason below, yet you threw all this stuff up that really doesn’t gel together and make it into a Charlie Scheenesque diatriabe.


      • Just because a goalie plays a lot of games doesn’t mean he is being run into the ground. See Carey Price. And even though he did fade hard two years ago, it doesn’t mean it was due to fatigue, it could have easily been due to deteriorating habits and sloppy play. Quick slipped a couple times this year but got back on track right quick while maintaining the same heavy workload.

        Cliff’s notes: Quick did just fine this year with a heavy workload. You could argue that the previous seasons’ workload helped condition him for this season as well.

  8. This is business. This is not a social club or charity. This is our franchise in LA. Players will always come and go, but this is our team for many years to come. The franchise cannot (should not) kneel and bow down to Bernier. Fair is fair. The franchise gave Bernier an original good deal and a good paycheck and set him up for great paychecks in the future. The franchise is entitled to the benefit of its deal.
    Bernier needs to man up and live up to his deal and play his heart out for the team this season and seek his rights later next summer. That even works to uphold his personal character and integrity if he really wants the big paychecks later in his career.
    Now if DL without any pressure or whining from Bernier feels he can pull off a great trade, that is life in hockey world, which we all have had to live with over the years.

  9. What about other free agents available?
    I think the Kings should look at Olli Jokinen to replace Penner on the 2nd line.
    He would only cost about 2.5 to 3 million per season against the cap for a two year deal.
    He scores and also has size and speed, he’s 6’3 and 215 now and only 33.
    He had 23 goals and 38 assists last year and has scored almost 300 goals and had 400 assists in his career.
    By the way, he also played in all 82 games last year.

    • Oh My Fuckin God Jason you didn’t just say that with a straight face did you?

      If Calgary wants to sign OJ twice let them. He was a bust as a Kings draftpick he’s just as much of a bust as a non King.

      Dustin Penner isn’t a significant part of this team, he just happened to score a few goals durin g the playoffs, after for the most part taking the better part of 1 1/2 seasons off.

      Maybe you should take a look at the Kings depth before signing OJ or Pencakes, and what the fuck does this have to do with Quick and his new deal?

      We went from a discussion about Quick getting paid and what should happen to Bernier. Now all of a sudden you are throwin the Finnish OJ into a discussion about goaltending?

      Oh wait I see, Finland has become a bit of a goaltending factory, and OJ is from Finland, so what I am trying to express is about as off the wall as your substituting OJ for Pancakes.

      Sorry Jason, if my intensity level went from level 1 to level 10, but it would probably be a thread for another heading. Maybe for now, we should keep the goaltending with the goaltending and the other positions and upcoming UFA season with UFA season.

      • We were discussing trading players or getting other players. I took it to another position because there was no other topic about UFA’s or RFA’s.
        Who fucking pissed in your coffee?
        300 goals and 400 assists isn’t a bust you idiot!

      • Jokinen played 82 games and had 23 goals and 38 assists for 61 points for 3 million.
        Penner played 65 games and had 7 goals and 10 assists for 17 points for 4.250 million.

        If Penner hadn’t pulled the playoffs out of his ASS you’d be bitching about another lost season.
        The math doesn’t lie.

        Jokinen- $ 49,180 per point this season.
        Penner- $250,000 per point this season

    • Fuck you for even saying olli jokinnen

  10. Bernier for Bobby Ryan. They both stay in So Cal. Awesome second line of Carter, Richards and Ryan. Ducks need a goalie. We would have the best one-two power forward combo in the league with Brown & Ryan. Plus they are buds.

  11. How about Zach Bogosian for Slava Voynov.

  12. Travis Moen is a LW and a UFA too.

  13. MacArthur and Kulemin from Toronto for Bernier and Richardson.

  14. Paciorettyand Budaj for Bernier and Voynov.

  15. After seeing these posts, it figures that DL had inquiries last weekend at Pittsburgh about Bernier and more phone calls today. Maybe we are going to have the Bernier story resolved much sooner than we thought. Maybe a bidding war erupts and DL pulls the trigger. Get them pancakes while they are hot!

  16. Maybe we can get bonehead Burke to pull another Kessel type trade. Would you take multiple first round picks?

  17. Trade him to CBJ where he will get a chance to play!

  18. The only way I would like Bernier to leave would be when he has really high market value in a year or two or in a trade with Columbus for Nash. I thought we could do a Bernier, Gagne (or Williams if we must and to avoid the FA signing trade shenanigans), and a pick for Nash. However, since that Columbus goalie need ship seems to have sailed, I don’t like Bernier going anywhere. He needs to keep developing with the Kings and back Quick up.

  19. IF he were to be traded….one would assume it’d be one of the following partners based upon team GAA and Save%.
    Out of this, I’d assume WIN & CAR wouldn’t be partners (Pavelec & Ward)….and I’d guess that Lombardi would prefer to trade him to the east. I don’t think we have any immediate holes so either some high level prospects or picks would suffice? We could then try out Jones or Gibson…..if that doesn’t work, sign a vet backup.

  20. Yeah that guy is a clown for putting that out there. Slightly weakens our position. I say keep him until the deadline. Let him play some games
    To build up his trade value. I’d like to see us get a solid D prospect for him and maybe a bucket of chicken with hand release.

  21. “Maybe we can get LaBarbara from the coyotes!” ~Said no one. ever.

  22. Keep him! I’ve been saying that all along. We need a reliable backup and he’s been good at that. Maybe give him a little bit more work and we’re set.


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