I want to poke out CBS’ eye…the one they have on hockey. And Andy Strickland too, that Blues loving so and so. He claims his sources confirmed “Bernier has asked the team to move him to a team where he’d have a chance to play. Kings GM Dean Lombardi told the player he would look to move him once the Quick deal was completed.”

If Strickland doesn’t shut his source up and is not careful, he may headline one of our top ten lists where bestiality and the creation of new forms of torture will be the nice things we write about him.

“But Scribe, he is just reporting what he has heard.”

Up yours too. I just heard you have Gonorrhea. I am taking out an ad.

I love Jonathan Bernier. I love his goaltending style. He has tremendous potential to become a star in this league. He needs 25 + games as a backup to show it. Then, we’ll have two great Stanley Cup Champion L.A. Kings goalies between our majestic pipes.

“But Scribe, that is exactly why he wants to go. He doesn’t want to be a backup anymore. He’s ready.”

“________ [your name here] has full body Herpes,” sky written on your birthday over your house. Keep it up.

Who the hell are we going to put in goal behind Quick? Martin Jones? Zatkoff? Are you Mother Sutting kidding me? Quick cannot play every game and I don’t want an unproven goaltender there. I want to win the Division, the West and another Cup. Besides, what is Bernier’s value right now? He hasn’t played enough NHL games to get a top 6 forward for him. It will likely be a pick, maybe a prospect and a pick. Maybe. If you must trade him, you don’t do it now.

“But Scribe, he only has one more year on his contract!”

I hate you.

He’ll be an RFA, okay? R-F-A. Nobody is going to give him an offer sheet. Wait until the end of next season and see if our younger goalies actually show us they may be ready for the backup role. Perhaps pick up a backup in free agency or via trade. Something. Not this. Not now.

Jonathan Bernier stays.