Come on Die-Hards – Let’s Watch It Together, Again

Nothing can compare to being there. The moments are frozen in time for me. But this CBC broadcast of the last 2 minutes and post victory celebration is the closest thing I have found. You don’t appreciate how great CBC covered this series and the playoffs until you watch that abortion by NBC. In any event, spend the next 45 minutes with me. Let’s enjoy it again together.

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  1. I watched this earlier today. Respect to CBC for understanding such a simple concept to just shut the fuck up and let the crowd noise tell the story for the last minute and 40 seconds. NBC pricks are just too conceited to figure that out and feel the need to fill that space with their drivel. It’s one thing for Nick Nickson and Bob Miller to be allowed to wax poetic at the end but clearly NBC doesn’t understand when they should just step aside.

    • What you said.

    • By “step aside” you must mean NBC cutting away to the local news after just five minutes and only five players hoisting the cup?

      Plus setting a stage which prevented players from skating a circuit of the rink with the cup. Bullshit x10

      I watched the basketball awards that provided more then double more then double the coverage…and a fraction of the tradition and a parade of conceited, overpaid egos.

      How does the NHL figure to get ahead when they turn their back on the past?

      No, I don’t get it.

      • Agree and the time I was back home and started watching what I had recorded I was very dissapointed yet again by NBC’s shit coverage of post game celebration…luckily I had set everything I could for coverage..FoxSports West did ok..
        They absolutely should have just kept the camera on what was happening on ice. No commentary needed…King’s fans knew Exactly what was going on..that was for all who Love and follow this team.
        (continuously showing the crowd outside Staples and the police preparing for trouble was unnessary and lame)
        GO KINGS GO!!!

  2. Ahhhhh, that was sweeter than sweet. The only thing that could be sweeter would be Bob’s call. I can’t wait for that DVD. I think I will buy sixteen of them.

  3. goddamn… that was a lot more powerful w/o all the incessant nbc yammering.

  4. AWESOME! I can watch this 100+ more times (and probably will).

  5. If you send me a coffee bean and tea leaf gift card, i’ll send you the whole game… in HD… without stupid Don Cherry either.

  6. Jim Hill from CBS LOVES our LA Kings…all during the
    Playoffs you could ser how happy he was to be giving
    his 11:00 News Reports. True fan.
    Thanks for sharing this..I. will watch on big computer.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  7. There’s still chills and goosebumps…and as pointed out, that was all the more evident by letting the roar of the crowd and the builidng anticipation of the Kings players become the canvas, that was awesome. And all i could think of , hearing that roar was Darryl Sutter saying his favorite memory was watching his players faces for the last 3 minutes, knowing they were champions about to be crowned. It all came together. And hearing the players hoop in up like schoolkids in the dog pile at the buzzer.
    I don’t think (from what the players who’ve won before) have said that there is nothing that compares to the first time you win. Good for the Kings! They earned and to do it front of that loyal fanbase, esp the ones that have supported this team for 40 years…Wow.
    This is will never get old, and look forward to watching replays of every series on NHL network all summer is something I look forward to.
    Go Kings…lets do this again next June…beat the Pens in 6

  8. You know the other thing I keep thinking of watching this is the fact that we (fans outside that locker room ) will ever realize the full effect Sutter had on this team. I mean, watching every game, the way they played all out, line after line, forechecking like rabid dogs after live game, that tenacity, is largely due to him. What a job…I don’t think they’d have won this without his touch. He was smart enough, savvy enough to understand how damanged this team was when he took over and gently made his changes, subtlely instilled their confidence back (esp Doughty -HUGE change in him thanks to DS) and by March putting down a more iron fist. I hope they continue to thrive under him and look forward to a full year with him and with the top 6 we have- imagine if Kopi and Carter each hit 40 goals???

  9. I get choked up everytime.

    We’re the Stanley fuckin’ Cup Champs!

  10. I am still floating in 7th heaven over the SC win. There is no question the CBC broadcasts outshine NBC, who really know they are inferior and don’t care at all. NBC could do better with hockey if the really wanted to, but, again, this is all the quality and effort they will do.

    Besides the Cup win, the reality here is that this was truly a heroic and historic record breaking playoff streak with domination and class for two months leading up to the ultimate victory.

    Twenty years from now this 2012 Kings win will be discussed and reviewed by the next generation of hockey fans for the historic and amazing records that were broken or set for the first time in NHL history. How sweet this is!


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