Surly and Scribe Interview with Patrick Burke of the You Can Play Project

I had the pleasure to speak with Patrick Burke today. He is the brother of Brendan Burke, the athlete and openly gay college hockey manager who tragically died in February. Patrick is also the son of Brian Burke, GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs. I talked with Patrick about the You Can Play Project, in which Dustin Brown and Alec Martinez recently participated, and the efforts he has undertaken to bring the project’s message to the NHL and all sports locker rooms.


Surly & Scribe Interview with Patrick Burke

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2 replies

  1. swell interview. golly!!

  2. Many thanks for bringing this to my attention, since it was an eye opener that such efforts are underway. I fully endorse everything they are intending to do with this program, and kudos for all that are supporting them.


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