Ain’t Nothing Free

I suppose we will track the day’s unrestricted free agent signing here. There might be Kings news today, there might not be, I’m not really concerned with what happens, but hey, maybe we hook a big fish. Then we beat that fish to death with the Stanley Cup so e’ll want to win one really badly to use to beat someone else.

Should be an interesting day.

And……. Go!

9:00 Beniot Puliot to Lightning. 1 year, 1.8 million.
Scott Clemenson signs 2 year deal in Florida.

9:05 Michael Leighton re-ups in Philly for a year. Big fucking whoop.

9:08 Shane Doan will keep his future uncertain until July 9th, because there’s comfort in consistency.

9:26 Derek Meech to the Jets. And earlier Ryan Smyth stays in Edmonton and Jordan Staal signed the big ass contract in Carolina that he turned down in Pittsburgh.

9:38 Jonas Gustavsson to Detroit for 2 years. So far it’s the day of the backup goalie. I guess it’s easy to sign quickly when you are simply amazed to have been offered a contract in the first place.

9:43 David Moss will spend two years in Phoenix. Whether or not the Coyotes will spend two years in Phoenix, totally different question.

10:10 Matt Carkner and John Mitchell to Colorado. The uninteresting signings keep piling up.

10:12 Joe Corvo back to Carolina for another year of terrorizing local waitresses.

10:16 Senators sign Mike Lundin. (he’s a defensemen, don’t worry I don’t know or care who he is either).

10:22 KINGS RELATED NEWS! Jeff Zatkoff signs in Pittsburgh. Oh, you thought it was important news? I forget, is Gibson eligible for the AHL next season? Ah shit I suppose I’ll do some research.

10:30 Zenon Konopka to the Wild for two years.

10:31 Wild also sign Torrey Mitchell for 3 years. The Sharks losing anything and anyone makes me happy.

10:38 Guillaume Latendresse, the man with the most annoying name to spell, signs in Ottawa for a year if he can pass a physical.

10:40 Colby Armstrong to bother Habs fans for the next season.

10:45 Ray Whitney first big name to fall, signs in Dallas for two years.

11:00 Adam Burish to San Jose for 4 years. Brad Staubitz to Ducks. Brad Boyes to Isles for one year. Things heating up.

11:08 Blue Jackets sign Curtis McElhinney in a strong push to continue their history of sucking.

11:12 After signing with the Avs earlier, Matt Carkner says ‘got ya!’ and signs with the Islanders.

Later… Aaron Asham in New York. Tanner Glass in Pittsburgh. Filip Kuba to Florida. Parise decision not expected until Tuesday. Lots of huffing and puffing by teams about making offers to both Parise and Suter.

12:04 MORE KINGS NEWS Pierre LeBrun is reporting that the Kings have resigned Dustin Penner for 1 year and more than $3 million.

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  1. thanks for this as it will be easier to watch what is going on while at work.. having NHL on will probably be frowned upon( yeah.. what do they know)

  2. I’ve followed Parise since before he blossomed into a star and he’s one of my favorite non-King players, and nothing would excite me more than him in our colors, but he’s looking for 24 million in bonuses in the first two years ( 1 calendar year)?!?! Are you serious, Zack? Sutter off, son

    • I’ve been tracking the rumos thru TSN and Hockeybuzz (who updates a lot) and can’t beleive the suspected amounts of large $$ overpayment for Suter and Parise. And how can the Pens be in the lead for Parise, wouldn’t that mean paying him more than Sid? The one rumor said the Flyers package was reported to be 12 years/80 mill and was a ‘low’ offer. Parise’s a stud but how much is too much?
      Wideman’s overpayment put Matt Carle is whole new leauge, the Flyers offered him 4.25, he”ll get a lot more and from Detroit probably.
      Good for Ray Whitney, how can you not like a guy who puts up close to 80 points at age 40 on a defensive team? Good fit for the Stars, good player, good leader.
      Wonder where Doan and Yandle end up?
      I wish the Flyers had packaged JVR with somebody and gotten Yandle. L. Schenn is overated and if he couldnt keep up with the Leafs offensive run and gun system, I can’t wait to see how slow he is on Lavvy’s accerlated , rockets on your skates offensive system.
      Rumor that E. kane is being purseud by Carolina, how good would he be next to Stahl:?

      • What’s your name on HB? I’m StayTuneMTC, you’ll usually find me trolling the NJ or the Edm boards lol..

        The NJ fans are just too fun not to mess with.

      • Deirdre, I much appreciate your take on all things hockey. I especially enjoy your take regarding East Coast hockey. Of course being on the West side I don’t get a chance to watch many East games, so your knowledge is both fun and educational to read. Keep up the good work.

        As much as I love Parise, I would take Kane in a heartbeat for 1/3-1/2 the price. Oh, shite, lets go after Kane, instead.

        • I hear Doan is a consideration. You all can hate on Shane all you want, but I would welcome that guy with open arms and a big-ass smile. Parise, Kane or Doan, you can’t go wrong with any of them. Holy smokes,, could you imagine?

  3. Jeff Zatkoff signed with Pittsburgh?

  4. You got the Penner Contract report all wrong. Penner has become one, if not the most compensated players in NHL history.

    So far Penner has shown up for approx. 35 Kings games. Prorated over 1.5 seasons and extrapolating the same playing time Mr. Penner is earning closer to $9M/yr.


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