It may become official as I type this, but it’s not yet. The L.A. Kings have signed Dustin Penner to a one year contract. The dollar terms are not yet known although I will guess $3.2 to $3.5 (update: it’s official. $3.25 million)

I am happy about this. The length is right and allows Penner to prove that the last 15-20 games of the season and the playoffs is a better indicator of his skills and work ethic. It also leaves Dean Lombardi with options after next season (and even during the season) if Dustin Penner falls into his old habits. Think about it logically and you see this deal as a “contract year do-over” for Dustin Penner. Not too often you get a second chance of this magnitude in life.

Either way, we got our Stanley Cup team back, intact. Not many teams have been able to claim that in recent memory. As we get details, I will post it.

Go Kings!