Video and Poll: Which Is Your Favorite Goal of the L.A. Kings Stanley Cup Run?

I wanted to narrow it down to 6. Is one of these your favorite or do you have another?

First the videos, then the poll.

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  1. Something about Stolly’s goal to finish off the Canadian diving team does it for me. Sending them to the pools early was pure ejaculation. Every other goal scored after that was like those extra spurts that makes you feel like your legs are going to give out. Yep, I think that sums it up for me. By the way, the Los Angeles Kings are Stanley Cup Fucking Champions!!!

  2. Stoll’s was my favorite because it was against Vancouver. I hate them more than the Sharks.

    • Yeah we hate the Cansucks but I would ask you to keep an open mind and think about dispising the Shfarts and Dicks, since they are deserving every ounce of vitriol and venom we can spit on them. Every game they lose is a great day for us!

      • Oh I despise them, but I don’t think the rivalry between the Ducks is as bog as the rivalry against the Sharks, at least from the players standpoint.

  3. Pennercakes!

  4. Kopitar’s shorty almost had my vote for aesthetic reasons alone, but I went with Kopitar’s goal against the Devils as it was not only sicknasty, but was also a huge one to get the Kings the all-important 1-0 lead in the SCF.

  5. Where is the “All the Above” box? ;)

  6. They are all great goals, but Stoll gets my vote. Brown’s two short handed goals gets equal value for me;

  7. It’s really hard to choose. However I truly enjoyed Trever Lewis’s wrap around on Louongo in the first round game 2 :)

  8. My favorite goal wasn’t listed,but to me it was a Dustin Brown goal. His empty net goal against the Blues to end that series did it for me. Why? It was the second time in franchise history that we reached the conference finals, it was our first sweep, and when I saw Kopi jump on him with such jubilation I knew we had something special brewing.

  9. From this list, I like the Kopitar shorty. My favorite of the playoffs was Kopi’s one-timer from Brown in game 3.

  10. So many to choose from. I’m going with Stolly’s goal for the win against Vancouver. I felt after that goal they really picked up steam and believed that they could go all the way.

  11. Every goal from April to June was so sweet and beautiful. I am blinded in love with each Kings’ goal.
    But I picked Kopi’s OT winner on Brodeur because of how he barely caught that pass, stick handed so skillfully, deked, waited and waited and delivered it so adroitly inside the cage. He made Brodeur look like a chump. That goal had to screw up Brodeur’s mind that he was going to be facing a great deal of talent.
    Besides goalies have one on one advantages and Kopi beat the odds. That is why I had to go with that goal giving the Kings home ice advantage.
    I just have to give an honorable mention to rookie King goals because as a rookie and getting goals made me overwhelmed with excitement in how he came through in the clutch as a young kid working hard with such poise and hustle with no fear.
    I really like this survey. Keep them coming!!

    • I voted for that one too. It blew Brodeur’s mind (and mine). I love that Marty tried the ‘scorpion’ save again and Kopi just waited it out and ended up making him look pretty stupid. I guess when you’ve been faked onto your belly any attempt to save a goal isn’t pretty but, wow, what a goal. I half thought Brodeur would skate off and retire right then and there. To be honest, I never really respected the guy like I should have until I saw him come back after that goal and win two (granted after the game 3 whooping).

  12. Stolls because we were there. But the two kopi goals and doughnuts End to end were pretty damn fantastic.

  13. Wait, where is Greener’s shorty? It has to be on the ballot. Why isn’t it?

    I smell a conspiracy and coverup….

  14. I voted for Carter’s Game 2 OT goal for the simple fact that I was able to make the 12 hour drive down to Jersey to see the game and it was awesome to be there live for it…and I got to meet Surly at the game as well…overall a great trip!!!

  15. Many memorable ones to choose from, but Kopi’s goal in OT in Game 1 does it for me. Winning Game 1 in the SCF is HUGE and god damn it took balls to make that move on Brodeur w/ the pressure on. Kopi made a HOF goaltender look absolutely silly. What a beauty.

  16. I had to go with Stoll’s simply because of the relentless pressure by Lewis. Just awesome…

  17. Definitely Anze OT goal against NJ. That was a thing of beauty!

  18. Kopi’s short-hander is probably the prettiest, along with Dewey’s end-to-end.

    But the goals that gave me more satisfaction were Richardson’s game-tier against the ‘Nucks or Voynov’s against the Blues or Kopi’s score shortly after the ‘Yotes’ got hard dicks from beating Quick.

    Those were goals that let the air outa the enemy’s ass and crushed his spirit.

  19. I previously needed to give an honorable mention to King since being a rookie in big time games it is was impressive to see his skills and poise and instincts.

    This one showed great speed and anticipation on his part, in getting to the right place at the exact right time:

  20. Hard choice, all impressive goals, but I voted for Stoll’s goal. That goal buried the Canucks in 5 games, silenced the critics and gave the kings a full gaie to fill their sails onward.

    • Only one thing silenced the Critics. THE STANLEY CUP IN LA!!
      Honestly, I think Melrose was the only one who had picked the Kings.

      It was something that drove me nuts, hearing everyone picking whomever we were against, saying we didnt have what it takes, and guess what, We decimated the opposition and took the cup!

      I still say NBC sucks, I hate Millberry with a passion. If I ever see him anywhere, I am gonna open hand slap him across the face, wait for the come back to face me, then back hand the other side. Yes, bitch slap, then pimp slap.

  21. Gotta be the Penner goal…. “CUP”cakes!!!

  22. Definitely Kopi’s goal vs NJ. I yelled so loud my larynx exploded.

  23. That Penner one just gets me so fired up. He had the best reaction after he scored also, that coupled with the beard makes it my favorite.


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