A Moment of Guilty Pleasure Over the New Jersey Devils Losing Zach Parise…

From an August 20, 2010 article, I bring comments from Devils fans and my responses. Click on the link to read all of the comments but the first few are especially fun. They say revenge is a dish best served cold…is it getting chilly in here?

Then this guy Oscar chimes in

And I gave a reply

Further commentary would just be rubbing it in and that’s not necessary. Facts are stubborn things.

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  1. I think the new banner at the top of your site speaks for itself in this regard.

    Is Bobby Ryan going to be a King now? Haven’t heard any news on him since Draft Day.

  2. NJ fans will never own up to all of the bullshit they spouted during the summer of Kovalchuk, but the Kings won the Cup before Kovalchuk and NJ lost Parise. Parise gave them an out by saying he wanted to play at home with his new BFF Suter, but $25 million guaranteed over the next 3 seasons didn’t have anything to do with him choosing Minnesota over NJ? Bullshit. $$ talks and UFAs walk.

    Congrats to the Wild fans. They deserve it. The West is getting too dman tough for my liking though. There are going to be some great teams missing the playoffs in the West and some crappy teams making the playoffs in the East the next few seasons.

  3. i was in new jersey for work when the playoffs started, and at every bar i was went to i bragged that the devils would lose parise since the kovalsuck contract was soo retarded big. they all said i must be like every other LA fan who knows nothing about hockey.

    not only was i right about that but we also beat the devils to get our first cup!!!

    happy 4th to america and to its armpit, new jersey. be safe everyone!

  4. This is one of the best burns I’ve ever seen.

  5. Awww….that put a smile to my face…..just as watching game 6 again does.

  6. Oh, Bobby, praise to you our wise and honorable platinum tongue leader for not being politically correct and polite to these narcissistic Eastern Conference yokels. You were generously very reserved in characterizing their digs in Oldwark Old Jersey. These Eastern teams are falling apart at the seams. Some owners there have no shame in their ticket prices and food concession prices, and what $40 to park a car for 3 hours. As for Kovalchuk, you nailed it by a mile ahead of time that he has been the catalyst for economic chaos for NJ. Keep up the priceless chops and body slams as a fierce defender of the world hockey champs Kings.

  7. Hahah I wonder if that guy ever came back after we won the cup hahaha

  8. Your posts are too polite.

    You shoulda just told ’em to suckabunchadick and been done with it.


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