Heard of this guy @HockeyyInsiderr? Me neither until someone who was interested by his L.A. Kings tweets pointed him out to me. I looked at the tweets he writes. He has over 20,000 followers. He claims his qualifications as:

Worked for 4 NHL teams. Many contacts within the league. Collaborateur sur Vestiaire.ca Remain anonymous. Trade breaker. Hockeyy_Insiderr@hotmail.com

I know what you’re thinking. What the hell is Vestiaire.ca? It’s some hockey site where they write in French and my bad French isn’t good enough to understand their French. Oh, that’s not what you were thinking? You were thinking what kind of authority on anything has a hotmail.com account? Well, there is no arguing that. Right there, this cat loses massive credibility.

I took about 20 minutes to look at his tweets. What I see is this: He takes common knowledge about certain players that are being shopped or need to be moved by their team, looks at other teams that may fit the bill and then tweets about how team 1 has talked with team 2 about player 3. For example, how long have people talked about Jonathan Bernier being moved? Especially after the Quick contract, right? So he takes that, claims Edmonton has made an offer, throws in Toronto, adds a Shane Doan angle for good measure and off it goes. Here are his Tweets:

Interesting? Sure. If you and I were standing at a bar, I walked by you and whispered, “Jonathan Bernier, Oilers, Shane Doan to Kings” and kept walking, you would follow me and say, “hey, you handsome devil, what are you talking about?” Right? Take out the handsome part, replace it with a Men In Black profile and a question mark and you have this.

Guess, repackage, guess some more, claim breaking news as your own minutes after someone from TSN, etc. breaks it. Oh and over hype the whole thing when one of your guesses hits. No way that could work, right? Some make a pretty decent living perpetuating this bullshit.

But I am not writing this article to call out this guy or gal or collective circle jerks trying to emulate Eklund’s business model. What I am interested in is to see if this guy actually has the balls to come on our site, comment and tell us why any L.A. Kings fan should read a word he says and why we should believe any of the L.A. Kings related rumors. Hey, we just won the Stanley Cup. We are the Kings of hockey. If there is one fan base that should be at the top of everyone’s list of guys and gals to impress and win over, it’s us. We aren’t just the flavor of the month. We are the whole damn ice cream store at the moment.

Look, I know he couldn’t have fucked up the Parise and Suter signings any more if he tried. I went back and read those and, well, I laughed. But this isn’t about those two losers. This is about Jonathan Bernier and our Kings. This is about Doan coming here or not, the offers to him, the things we care about the most.

If he doesn’t come, and I will send this to his Twitter account, he will confirm himself as what I believe him to be. Another Eklund but even worse. Eklund was a bit of an innovator in the industry. We are all familiar with garbage collectors but Eklund actually managed to make money delivering the garbage. This HockeyyInsiderr guy, outside of the extra y and r, is picking up your neighbor’s trash and selling it door to door.

Or are you? Are you legit? There is your challenge. This very popular L.A. Kings blog thinks you are full of shit. Come here and tell us why we are wrong.