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  1. There’s one other thing to prove his lack of credibility: back in the Carter/Johnson swap, it came out that CBJ didn’t think too highly of Bernier, partly because he wasn’t tested enough at the NHL level. That hasn’t changed. And now that they surrendered three draft picks for Bobrovsky, why would they have ANY interest in Bernier? It makes zero sense even if LA were shopping Bernier, which they aren’t. It makes zero sense if they were interested in Nash, which I’m almost certain they aren’t.

    He’s just trying to appease the rumor mongers. But his Bernier/Nash rumor pretty much proves that he has zero sources. Heck, I don’t have any sources whatsoever and I know that CBJ doesn’t want Bernier, and that’s why LA went for Carter instead of Nash.

  2. Munches popcorn…

  3. Surely, there can’t be THAT many guys contributing to that place that match his pedigree.

  4. This all looks like delusions of grandeur. Inposters sometime grow to the point that it becomes a ponzi scheme. So we caught a Berni Madoff of hockey. Lock him up and throw away the key.

  5. Content really suffers around here in the off season. =/

    Oh well, who gives a shit. We have the fuckin’ cup!

    • Hey, hey, I thought my discussion with Shane Doan was mildly interesting.

      • Meh, not much you can do really when there aren’t even trade rumors to analyze for merits to the team or even potential trades to fantasize about. You can’t write “cup repeat” articles once a week for the rest of the summer either.

        One thing I’d like to see, though, is some analysis of our prospects, including the ones at the end of their contract and where their going. Didn’t you have a contributor that was supposed to keep us apprised of Monarch happenings? Go crack the whip!

        • This is the first year in many I didn’t go to development camp. I’ve tried to think of things to write, but even the few issues there are (Bernier, Doan, 4th line left wing spot, prospects) just don’t sound too interesting to me right now. I only care about remembering and savoring the cup win, and to be perfectly honest, the cup run wiped me the fuck out, cleanly. I put a ton of stuff of life stuff on hold for nearly 2 months and about 2 weeks after we won the cup, I tried to think about the Kings and found myself with a blank expression parading around my face and a soid stream of drool congealing on the floor below the corner of my mouth.

          So I do apologize to you and the rest of this site’s readers for the past few weeks of the doldrums around here. Know though that this cup hangover malaise can only last so long, and by the time training camp starts and there is real hockey to worry about again, the auantity and quality of articles will shoot right back up to and above the mean.

          To be fair to myself though, I’ve tried to read some of the stuff that the rest of the Kings writers’ are putting up in an effort not to be quickly forgotten, and I find absolutely none of it appealing or interesting. Now I have this opinion in general of some, but this offseason is about one thing and one thing only, following the Cup. That’s the only thing I’ve cared the least bit about, seeing the players have their days with the Cup.



          • Got some pics Pearson and Toffoli and the rest of the young guns at the development camp Sunday. No goals but the last 10 minutes of the scrimmage was pretty rowdy. Good way to start a season I suppose.

          • Even when the two of you suck, you’re still pretty damn good…

          • Surley. I’m with you. Stiil crying about winning the cup and don’t give a shit about summer rumor mills, camps, etc. You could write about the Kopi Cup videos. Apparently “boat” in Slovenian is “clitoris”. That’s worth a blog.

          • exsqueeze me? Says who? I can not, but would like to, confirm this. I know Serbians, they’re language is close, and I can say ‘cunt’ in Serbian, so I got that going for me.

          • I can say “cunt” in English.

            This guy @HockeyyInsiderr . . .

    • amen nigga

  6. I think Vesitaire means “like to take it in the bung” in French. The world really needs another Eklund! What a nightmare. At least with Ek, you have to have some small respect for the great scam he created for himself. Sometimes, I am drawn there for no explicable reason (although always disappointed or disgusted). Loudmouth Barry does come with some clever and funny shit from time to time.You guys rock. Loved the Doan thing.

  7. Bernier to the Oil? Of course, he said that THEY had offered… ANY trade rumors involving
    Kings/Oil or Kings/Blues pretty suspect. Phi. I might believe…

  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ @HockeyyInsiderr just pwned you.

    • You do realize he is “breaking” news after it is already reported right? And covering his ass with incorrect reporting. No? Do some research.

      Edit: Just realized you are a Canucks fan. Disregard comment. Proceed with myopia.

  9. It’s Louis Jean.

  10. i’ll be honest, i think he’s a bit of a douche but he’s legit, or managed to BS a lot when he’s right. You’re going to just look like an idiot for writing this article… along with everyone else that has written something similar. Great example is his prediction that Nashville would match, and he said it a long time before the offer sheet came out that “NSH will match any offer sheet.” But with that said, I think he’ll lose his sources very quickly.

  11. Great post, . I’m sure Pat is proud of you. I set a goal to blog way more this year. Now that I’ve got these templates in a listing, I don’t have to stress so much on switching up my style of posts. Thanks!


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