One More Photo Opportunity for Kings Fan

Have you had your picture taken yet?  I know many have and many have not.  Everyone must.

The gracious and talented Chaz Curry is having one last shoot for his project, the Faces of Los Angeles Kings Fans.  Don’t be a wuss or a sourpuss, make the drive and go be part of the Kings collective and let’s show the world exactly who and what our Stanley Cup Champion fans are made of.

This session a little less annoying to attend than the last two were, as instead of Long Beach, Chaz has secured space at Toyota Sports Center for the shoot.  The address is 555 N. Nash Street, El Segundo, CA 90245.  But you should already know that.  It is this Sunday, July 15, from 11am-6pm.

I may even stop by on my way back from Comic Con for another round of photos.  I wouldn’t want Chaz’s camera to go too long without the pleasure of absorbing me through its glass.  That would be unkind.  It’s not every CCD that gets the honor of compositing this gorgeous, Surly mug.

Go show it yours.



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  1. Missed out on the last one so I will definitely be there this time. Also, why the hell did you have to mention Comic Con? sorry to get off subject but I’m so bummed out I couldn’t go. miss the old days

    • because I’ve never been and I’m insanely excited to be an unencumbered nerd for a weekend.

      • That’s cool man. You going to sport your Kings gear? You’re going to hate people once it’s all over.

        • I’ve hated people for years, lately I’ve come to accept them simply as sources for my amusement, so in that regard I image my cup is about to be runeth over. And yes I plan on wearing a jersey, one, if not two days, and the Champ hat never comes off as a general rule.

      • Hey Surly when are you going to Comic con. I ask going to try go Friday or Saturday and see if someone would liked to give away their pass once they are done.

  2. I agree! You looked badass in your photos. I was merely cute. *sigh*

  3. What are some of your favorite comic series, Surly?

    • I’m a purist and love my X-Men, Silver Surfer, etc. I’m actually more of a collector type, action figures and all that nonsense. But that doesn’t really go with the Surly persona, does it? So forget I said anything. Rawr, KINGS!

      • Ha. Right on. I grew up with comics and I’ve recently gone back to them. I finished up my Masters Degree in English (well…my defense is later this month) and I’ve been asked “So what are you reading now?” and I think people expect me to answer with some weird, highly literary novel or another…and my reply is, “Comics. Nothing but comics. Ya. Comics.”

        but to your point. rawr, KINGS!

        • Same, except for the masters degree part. Hadn’t read comics in years but in the last few months I’ve devoured nothing but. Keep trying to read book 4 of Game of Thrones, but another comic keeps calling.

          • Ah. I actually just cracked open the first book of Game of Thrones. A friend of mine has been trying for years to get me to read it and I put it off and put it off. But of course, I love the show so it’s time.

            Also…if you’re not reading Scott Snyder’s Batman right now, or Swamp Thing , you should start.

          • Thanks for the recommendations. Game of Thrones is awesome. I blew through the first three books. Got stuck on the 4th because it is a bit slow and I was burnt out. Now it’s hard to get back into because there is too much to remember.

    • steve ditko. Mr. A. (A is A).
      sorry about that other post. please accept my most humble apologies.

  4. Some of us is there a way to send in a pic?
    You make it sound like we should all participate.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

    • you should all participate. You work on Sundays? That’s bogus, jockey. And I suppose you could send him one, but Chaz is a professional photographer and has a ‘look’ going for the whole thing.


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