Have you had your picture taken yet?  I know many have and many have not.  Everyone must.

The gracious and talented Chaz Curry is having one last shoot for his project, the Faces of Los Angeles Kings Fans.  Don’t be a wuss or a sourpuss, make the drive and go be part of the Kings collective and let’s show the world exactly who and what our Stanley Cup Champion fans are made of.

This session a little less annoying to attend than the last two were, as instead of Long Beach, Chaz has secured space at Toyota Sports Center for the shoot.  The address is 555 N. Nash Street, El Segundo, CA 90245.  But you should already know that.  It is this Sunday, July 15, from 11am-6pm.

I may even stop by on my way back from Comic Con for another round of photos.  I wouldn’t want Chaz’s camera to go too long without the pleasure of absorbing me through its glass.  That would be unkind.  It’s not every CCD that gets the honor of compositing this gorgeous, Surly mug.

Go show it yours.