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  1. I saw this earlier on HFboards… Probably the best video on our history making run. I’ve already watched this twice.

  2. beautiful……again

  3. Man it never gets old…I love watching our team trounce through the playoffs and hoist the cup. Good video, but I still got to say that jmsalsa’s videos take the cake. Thanks for sharing Bobby. I can’t wait for next season to start. GKG!!!!

  4. Beautiful video.. Still choke up lol

  5. I have seen footage of our boys winning the Cup at least 1000 times, and I still get goosebumps, and I still get tears in my eyes.

    That was the best fucking day of my life!

    Thanks for putting this video up fellas!

  6. SO good. Re-peat!

  7. Still sinking in…

  8. You know . . . I still don’t believe it.

    So many years on the outside looking in . . . it’s a major re-orientation.

  9. I’m with tuan, still seems like a dream.

  10. I just noticed your photographs.

    Like they say, you can’t fool the camera.

  11. Every time I can get free time to relax and kick back to remember all of this, there is always some extra nuance and visual that I see for the first time, at least it seems that way. By now, it has sunk in and this was a big deal, a bigger deal than I ever thought that a championship would symbolize.

    No wonder in the world of sports, this is the number one trophy that athletes really yearn to win.

  12. I love the freaking hits, and then the King goals. Brilliant.

  13. Off-topic:

    Lobardi signed King to a two-year deal.

    EVERYBODY’s coming back.

  14. This makes me cry. I love it.


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