I won’t even link to the various articles from credible sources that have confirmed Jonathan Bernier has asked for a trade. It will just upset me more. The quote from him is that he asked the Kings to trade him before the trade deadline but Dean Lombardi refused and now that Conn Smythe winner and L.A. Kings Stanley Cup Champion goaltender Jonathan Quick (pbuh) has signed the 10 year deal, Bernier expects to be traded before training camp starts. I won’t comment on the fact he also wants to play close to home because that will just lead to irritated statements like, “is Siberia close to home you mother fu…”

My gut reaction to this when I first read it was, “expect to be disappointed.”

My more calm reaction after a few minutes was, “expect to be disappointed, asshole.” Okay, maybe my temperature didn’t drop and it still hasn’t. I have grown progressively angrier and my happy place is nowhere in sight.

I am not pissed off at the prospect of losing Jonathan Bernier. I knew that day would come. It’s that he publicly asked for a trade. What is it that he expected would occur? Lombardi would say, “well, shit, he told some Frog media outlet he wants out so we better grant him that wish.” If anything, he may have hurt his trade value because his pie-hole didn’t stay shut. Oh and he did this the day he had the Stanley Cup so that just adds to the negative Karma.

What do we do? Well, “we” sit and watch. As for Dean Lombardi, he has to decide whether Martin Jones is ready because I am pretty sure there are zero teams out there that will pick up the phone and call Deano with a “hey, I have a quality backup goaltender with NHL experience that I will gladly trade to you for your quality backup goaltender with NHL experience.” Given Bernier’s limited experience, that scenario is filed under “fantasy.”

And that boys and girls is why I don’t believe Jonathan Bernier is going anywhere before camp unless Dean can get good value. Some have suggested, “trade him for a second round pick.” First, he was a first round pick and now he is a first round pick with some NHL experience so to trade that first round pick for a second round pick is dumb. His value is a quality forward to defensive prospect or, alternatively, a first round pick from a mid tier team. Second, if he was going to go for a second round pick, a player (perhaps a young prospect with moderate potential) would come back the other way. But we don’t need any of that. We need a quality backup goaltender for the 2012-2013 season.

I am done writing about this. All this did is make me want to write more insulting things about French Canada. Your turn to comment.