Jonathan Bernier. Shut Up and Play.

I won’t even link to the various articles from credible sources that have confirmed Jonathan Bernier has asked for a trade. It will just upset me more. The quote from him is that he asked the Kings to trade him before the trade deadline but Dean Lombardi refused and now that Conn Smythe winner and L.A. Kings Stanley Cup Champion goaltender Jonathan Quick (pbuh) has signed the 10 year deal, Bernier expects to be traded before training camp starts. I won’t comment on the fact he also wants to play close to home because that will just lead to irritated statements like, “is Siberia close to home you mother fu…”

My gut reaction to this when I first read it was, “expect to be disappointed.”

My more calm reaction after a few minutes was, “expect to be disappointed, asshole.” Okay, maybe my temperature didn’t drop and it still hasn’t. I have grown progressively angrier and my happy place is nowhere in sight.

I am not pissed off at the prospect of losing Jonathan Bernier. I knew that day would come. It’s that he publicly asked for a trade. What is it that he expected would occur? Lombardi would say, “well, shit, he told some Frog media outlet he wants out so we better grant him that wish.” If anything, he may have hurt his trade value because his pie-hole didn’t stay shut. Oh and he did this the day he had the Stanley Cup so that just adds to the negative Karma.

What do we do? Well, “we” sit and watch. As for Dean Lombardi, he has to decide whether Martin Jones is ready because I am pretty sure there are zero teams out there that will pick up the phone and call Deano with a “hey, I have a quality backup goaltender with NHL experience that I will gladly trade to you for your quality backup goaltender with NHL experience.” Given Bernier’s limited experience, that scenario is filed under “fantasy.”

And that boys and girls is why I don’t believe Jonathan Bernier is going anywhere before camp unless Dean can get good value. Some have suggested, “trade him for a second round pick.” First, he was a first round pick and now he is a first round pick with some NHL experience so to trade that first round pick for a second round pick is dumb. His value is a quality forward to defensive prospect or, alternatively, a first round pick from a mid tier team. Second, if he was going to go for a second round pick, a player (perhaps a young prospect with moderate potential) would come back the other way. But we don’t need any of that. We need a quality backup goaltender for the 2012-2013 season.

I am done writing about this. All this did is make me want to write more insulting things about French Canada. Your turn to comment.

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  1. Must have been rooming with Ryan Smyth.

  2. I don’t see any team in the Northeast that has a solid back up that can be traded for. I agree he should be traded, maybe put him in Richardson in a package and I’m sure they can get a solid package in return.

  3. No need to trade him for a 2nd round pick. Sit on him for a 1st rounder or better. They can just wait and let a team send him an offer sheet him over the summer. Currently bernier makes 1.25m, and if he gets an offer sheet at 1.5m or greater, the offering team will be penalized a 2nd round draft pick.

  4. Couldn’t have said it better…. We all know Dean probably offered him in the Richards trade… So just sit back a play the game the Kings will trade when and if there is a real offer…. Grow up you are not 18 any more…

  5. Trade him for no less than a mid or better first rounder.

    He’s not that great of a backup, and he’ll never be a starter on the Kings.

    Or, put a package together for a second line winger.

  6. I remember reading that brian boyle’s dad asked for him to be traded someplace close to home and DL made it happen. Smyth wanted to move home and DL made it happen. Bottom line….I think deano wants guys in the lockerroom who WANT to be there. If bernier wants out (and I can’t really blame the guy for that) then I think they’ll make it happen.

    I also think maybe I read it a little softer than what you’re portraying here. I think he just voiced that he’d liked to be moved and they told him they would. I don’t think he’s demanding anything or throwing down ultimatums.

    We got fraser out of the smyth trade, so I’m optomistic as to wwhat they’ll get for bernier.

    BUT…as you said….UNTIL all of this happens, shut up and play.

    • Anyone on Columbus, Edmonton, Florida, or another team you WANT to realistically get back for him?

      • Florida has Theodore and Clemmonson, both COULD be solid back ups. But the other 2 teams listed don’t have anything really to trade, and I would think twice about dealing with Edmonton after the Smyth debacle. Or maybe Tampa, but it would be Garon the Kings would get and Bernier would have to fight Lindback for the job. But I don’t see DL making this top priority.

  7. “Jonathan Bernier. Shut Up and Play.” Agreed but it should probably read “Jonathan Bernier. Shut Up and Practice.” ;)

  8. In a few months, Martin Jones will get his opportunity to demonstrate that JB is redundant.
    Meaning that, unless JQ is injured, can he play 10-12 games and keep the team moving. We’ll see.

    Given that Bernier’s trade value will not increase unless he plays (well), it will be interesting to see what DL and DS do with him next season – whether he gets mroe starts than this season.

  9. How many times do we play Nashville this coming season? That is how many times we’ll actually see Le Jonathan!

  10. Bernier has absolutely no leverage in this. We can keep him all year — or longer — if we have a mind to.

    Yes, DL generally responds to guys who wanna be moved. But this time he’s holding the cards. Bernier isn’t going anywhere unless we get full value for him.

    All the same, I wish he’d have just shut the fuck up.

  11. We just lost any leverage we did have. He’s DD the 2nd. Maybe he can try and hold out and really show what an asshole he is. Send him to Manchester let him start every game and bring Jones up as the back up to start the season end of controversy. Bernier you’re a selfish prick!!

  12. I get all that you said..esp the part about him publically speaking out ..on the ‘Sacred Day of the CUP’..
    He will be more valuable if he gets some games this season..which I think he will, and has a good season.
    but I still have to say…
    I feel for the guy..a hockey player that wants to Play.
    I get that..
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  13. How about shipping him off to Philly East, and we get a #1 pick and a top Philly prospect. So far, the Philly deals have worked well for Philly West.

    DL ought to forget about drafting any French hockey players. They become home sick all the time. They miss ma-ma’s french cooking…

  14. Bernier is just a cry baby. He whined when he was pulled in world juniors (Carey price won that tournament for Canada), he whined when he was sent to Manchester a couple years ago when the Kings started the season against Anaheim in Europe and he whined when Quick beat him for the starting job. Now he is whining about not playing, imagine that, the better guy is playing all the games. Well guess what douche bag, QUICK WON THE FUCKING CUP!!! You disrespectful mother fucker! You have played hockey your whole life, you know the drill. You know that skill is proven and that it earns you the the starting job. You have not proven anything! I hope you end up in Columbus or even worse, Montreal. Then you can end up playing back-up to Price, AGAIN! Better yet, just go play in Europe.

  15. Maybe DL is waiting on Doan. If Doan decides to sign with the Kings, DL will have a forward or two to move and possibly can package Bernier better and get a better return, including a good backup goalie.

  16. Last thing I want to see is a soap opera play out with Bernier over a long time and he is bitching and
    crying that he must be a starter somewhere in the NHL. If he does not play his cards right, which could be the case, he just becomes a #2 goalie somewhere else in the league. There precedent for that where some goalies never do better than #2 by shooting themselves in the foot.

  17. This guy just won a Stanley Cup and he’s complaining.

    Seriously Bernier, read the headline, shut up and play!

  18. Can’t blame the guy his key development years are being spent on the bench. We all knew he was gonna get moved at some point so I was expecting him to get a good amount of starts last year to build some value. Since the team was in the position of needing every possible point last year to get in the playoffs they leaned on quick to shut the door rather than give Bernier icetime

    • POS phone hit post, wasn’t finnished!! The effect of this is that bernier is seen as not having enough experience and his trade value sucks. Which is frustrating because I think every kings fan knows he’s definitely capable of being a number one and with some more game experience will be a damn good one. Other teams don’t see this so we are gonna watch him get shipped out of town for a low 1st only to watch him become a very good goalie in this league who will be worth more than just a pick. Its pretty annoying when a player like this is seen a just being worth another equal position pick, hes better than a pick. A lot of pics dont even make the league and cant play at this level. He has shown he can play his position well in the league so his value should be higher than just a pick. I think best case would be for him to get a good number of starts this coming year, hopefully put up some good numbers and then get moved at the deadline for a better return.

      • POS Phone.. oh God how I relate! TU for that laugh…
        I said pretty much the same.. hope he does stay and gets to play more games and has a good season.. will be good for all concerned.. I feel for him having to play second fiddle for almost the entire season….hope he has a strong conditioning summer and show up strong at
        training camp.
        GO KINGS GO!!!

    • He not only was not a key member of the Cup-winning team, his contribution was not even significant. It isn’t unreasonable for him to want to leave, but he hardly needed to do more than state the obvious to DL in a closed-door meeting.

      Does he play 1 in 4 or 5 and then move at the deadline? Unless he looks like Corey Schneider, the Kings don’t get like for like (quality, not positions). Still…this is a problem that only well-drafting teams have (The Kings…2 goaltenders?!).

  19. Just a sentimental thought.
    Huet, former king, experienced guy looking to be a back up…no delusions of taking the reigns.

    • I think Huet would be a good option as a backup..

      • huet is a goat, and he deserves the slur, but earned the slur. No Way. Bernier will take it like a man and start 15 games.

    • I rememeber wacthing him with Chicago.. he was ok IMO..
      It would be good to see him back here in the NHL.. I do not get into the $$ part of this sport, just their abilities.. I guess I need to start improving in that area.. although when watching
      the “Team” play.. I don’t think ‘oh that guy is not playing to his value, or wow look at that guy we are paying a pitance to’..and I would hope the players are doing the same.
      GO KINGS GO!!!


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