Dwight King “Kong” Remains a King for Two More Seasons at $1.5 Million

The big lovable left wing, Dwight King aka “Kong” has agreed to a two-year extension with the Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings. He was a restricted free agent. The former fourth round pick is a young 23 years old (July 5) and was a hero of sorts in the playoffs with five unexpected goals. The contract is a modest $750,000.00 per season – good value especially if King’s game continues to improve as he gains more NHL experience.

The King signing means the following for your Stanley Cup Champions.

1. Every member of the Cup winning team is now under contract.

2. The bottom six cup runneth over with Stoll, Lewis, King, Nolan, Fraser, Richardson, Clifford and, oh yeah, a certain top six left wing named Simon Gagne. How are Toffoli, Vey, Loktionov, Kozun, etc. going to crack that lineup? Some have speculated a package trade is coming of perhaps Brad Richardson, Jonathan Bernier and others for…you fill in the blank.

3. A well coached, healthy and fully armed Championship Los Angeles Kings team will enter the 2012-2013 season to keep its crown…that is assuming we have a season and, if it starts late, you can add well rested to that list.

Happy Dwight King signed? Me too. It’s good to be a King on the Kings.

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  1. This is what I was hoping for. I am big on this kid. I am just picking up too many vibs that this guy is for real and really wants to learn and perform. He seems very coachable and willing to follow orders for the benefit of the team. The guy just seems to have good hockey horse sense.

    I smell deals smoldering on the side lines. However, this is vacation time and a lot of people want to have quality time with the family—right! So, enjoy summer and the good stuff where DL ought to come down in when people get back to their desks in earnest. Even me, it seems hard to reach people in business, as nobody wants to pick up the phone.

  2. I read on Jewels from the Scrotum that the Kings were the first guys to make an offer to Shane Doan.


    Having signed the whole fucking team from last post-season, where would we put him?

  3. Yay! How great to have all our guys signed.. now question relating to signings of younger players.. I read the proposal by the NNL for the upcoming CBA.. they want to extend a players entry level contract from 3 to 5 years.. and they already cannot become a UFA until 27. So Kings is 23.. done with his entry level contract..would he have stayed a RFA year after year until he turned 27, was traded or signed a contract extention like he did?
    What about Lokti?.. .. since he played last season enough games to qualify him as a NHL pro, would next year still count as a year playing in the NHL in regards to having to play 7 years in the NHL or becoming 27 if he stays in Manchester?
    TU whomever clarifies this for me…I should already know this I agree :/
    GO KINGS GO !!!

  4. You guy’s Pictures are Adorable!
    WWTC !!!

  5. Thats a killer deal for the Kings on Kong. Cheap! Ship Richardson out, could use some picks

  6. #33? McSurly?

  7. Looks like a few of our prospects re-upped for a year.

  8. Tampon to the Blackhawks. Biioootch

  9. Kong looks like Renfield from “Reefer Madness”. Bizarre dude.


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