It’s Pandemonium! Shea Weber Signs 14 Year, $100 Million Dollar Offer Sheet with the Philadelphia Flyers

Nobody gives offer sheets anymore, eh? The Philadelphia Flyers just put that little myth to rest with an offer sheet to Shea Weber, believed to be 14 years and up to $100 million dollars. That takes Weber through age 40.

Holy shit?

No, no.


The Nashville Predators have 7 days to match. I am unclear what the Predators get if they fail to match. Darren Dreger broke the news and he reports the Nashville Predators were working on a trade at the time with several teams interested.

Here comes the fun part. If the Nashville Predators don’t match, what do they get? Since we have a $7.14 million dollar cap hit, I believe it is two 1st round picks, a 2nd and a 3rd…I think (as one of our readers points out, it may be four 1st rounders). For one of the best defensemen in the league and without losing a roster player? If you can afford that deal and have the pipeline, you do it 100 out of a 100 times.

Will Nashville match? What are the details of the terms? Is it front loaded? Maximum amount the first however many years? I think they have to do so regardless of the contract. They cannot let their franchise player sign elsewhere for picks. Interestingly enough, if they do match, then Shea Weber is a Nashville Predator for life…unless of course Nashville matches and then trades him…hey, I hear the Flyers may be interested. Do you like circles? I like circles.

I hope Philly gets him because that means the chances of Shea Weber becoming an L.A. King someday increase exponentially.

Grab the popcorn. This should be fun to watch.

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  1. Pretty sure it will be 4 1st rounders. For offer sheets, it’s total value of contract divided by a max of 5 years.

  2. “unless of course Nashville matches and then trades him”

    Can’t trade him for a year if they match.

  3. Homer and Snider are just over the top ridiculous when it comes to contracts. I get that Weber is one of the best D. I get that they have to shore up the back end of a leaky D. I get that Pronger may be done for good due to his brains being scrambled.

    What I don’t get is the crazy contracts and money they offer. To me it makes DL’s structuring of years/$$$’s look like it was analyzed by JPL and endorsed by Einstein himself. The Flyer’s offers to top name players in the end just handcuffs what they can do with roster spots 15-23. There simply is minimal money left to fill roster spots that need to be filled with guys that can perform. It’s difficult to find guys that are good in these roles when all you can offer is league minimum and the leftover hot dogs from the game as payment.

    As it stands now I think they Bryz contract is going to be an albatross down the road for them. Now you want to stack another $100 on to your current payroll? The league and owners are touting financial responsibility in CBA talks, then Snider and Homer throw this out there.

    The long term situation with PHI is also puzzling when you look at the loss of the draft picks. For a team that to me has some significant holes in it, this makes it difficult to draft for need and have a higher chance with better players to fill those holes.

    The one thing PHI did do right though – FINALLY – is put the money into what it needs. A #1 D that has years left to play. Face it Pronger was/is on the downside of his career. Other guys like Timonen, Llija and Kubina are soon to follow as well. After that you have a group of guys in their mid to late 20’s that haven’t set the world on fire. Finally a group of young D that need to re-invent or find their game in Schenn. Their D is a mess, followed by the Universe in net.

    LA East is a mess. The best move they made this summer was bringing in TMu to coach the AHL team. He will likely do what he was able to accomplish in LA. Develop and implement a sound and solid D foundation that will allow the org to build on…..they need it.

    • Not to mention the fact that Giroux is only making 3.75 right now and in a couple years he’ll be due for a big raise.

      Philly will offer him 25 years, 450 million dollars, 90% of which will be paid in his first 3 seasons, including 4 trillion dollars in signing bonuses.

      Then the world will end.

      • Giroux’s contract is up after this year so next summer he’ll get a long term. If Weber is Flyer when you add Bryz that would be upwards of 20 mill on 3 players. Doesn’t leave a lot for the rest. Hartnell’s done next year, Voracek is done now, he’s not signed yet for this year and ,most ,likely won’t sign a long term because of what purcell got , his agent want’s equitable and that would give him more than Giroux makes now, so he’ll get 1 year and next year he’ll be a free agent. And a thread bare farm system, so no blue chips to trade

  4. Holmgren is still a bad ass dude. Love his style. He just goes for it.

    • He goes for it but doesn’t mean he’ll ‘get it” meaning a championship or a team with solid chances every year. The Flyers trade awaytheir youth too much and as a result have a thread bare farm system. They showed a photo Draft day of the 2005 Calder Cup Champs, phila phantoms. Five of those players have gone on to win cups -all with other teams. Last year Homer stated that one reason they traded Richards and Carter was that their future was Giroux and JVR. So much for that idea. DL did it the right way, good team, young, good contracts, and the 4 ‘foundations’ as DL called it (positionally) stud goalie, Stud Dman and 2 stud centers, all signed to good contracts. They have a deep farm system with good prospects they can bring up or trade. That’s good management. The Flyers traded away their top picks in bad trades for so many years, they don’t have any blue chip prospect they could offer in a trade. Ed Snider is so anxious to buy a Cup, he can’t see the forest for the trees.

  5. The good here is the unraveling of a Western Conf competitor Nashville and the continued soap opera at Philly. Fine, Weber can go there and get very, very rich, but, the team there has holes and team moral issues that can fizzle out this whole plan to get a Cup to that City.

  6. So . . . suppose Nashville matches the offer. Weber becomes a Predator slave for the remainder of his career. But if the amount of front-loaded bonus blow-jobbery drives the team into bankruptcy, what, exactly, will Weber’s status be? Is his contract simply an asset to be sold at auction to the highest bidder in order to pay outstanding debt? Will he himself simply be one more un-secured creditor whose claim must be handled like all other creditors? Will he be playing for no money while his agent attends “re-organization” meetings?

    The Dick of Fate is ready to shoot sperm over the whole deal — oceans of it, viscous, strangulating semen, not easy to clean and with a flow-path impossible to predict.

  7. Who gives a shit!!! the KINGS WON THE CUP!!!!!!

  8. Yeah, we got the CUP and others are spending themselves into financial armageddon. We are okay in LA now, but the NHL gets some black eyes on its economics and worsening of conditions for a CBA.

    Will TV pay for all of this and will the fans dump their dinero on this stuff.

    Right now the whole financial situation smacks of the California Mega Millions Lottery. Some few players suck all of the money and air out of the room, and the scrapes are thrown down the ladder to the lesser players, with many washed out of the game and never reached the big lotto win.

    This is not new, but, the same old, same old….

  9. Aggressive. Strange. Impressive – but not in a good way.

    They don’t make the most of what they already have – their messy, undisciplined style
    made them look in the 2d. rd. like barbarians being slaughtered by the Roman army.
    They only got past Pitt. b/c Pens decided to fight not play (in addition to Fleury being horrid).

    That 1st rd. result plus Giroux made them a badly overrated public favorite in the 2d., which is why there is a crate with a new engine in it being shipped from Detroit to my mechanic’s shop.

    They seem to have become L.A. East, and not in a good way.

  10. Weber’s agent talks and says the Preds are really in a rebuilding mode and Philly is the best for Weber, etc


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