Nobody gives offer sheets anymore, eh? The Philadelphia Flyers just put that little myth to rest with an offer sheet to Shea Weber, believed to be 14 years and up to $100 million dollars. That takes Weber through age 40.

Holy shit?

No, no.


The Nashville Predators have 7 days to match. I am unclear what the Predators get if they fail to match. Darren Dreger broke the news and he reports the Nashville Predators were working on a trade at the time with several teams interested.

Here comes the fun part. If the Nashville Predators don’t match, what do they get? Since we have a $7.14 million dollar cap hit, I believe it is two 1st round picks, a 2nd and a 3rd…I think (as one of our readers points out, it may be four 1st rounders). For one of the best defensemen in the league and without losing a roster player? If you can afford that deal and have the pipeline, you do it 100 out of a 100 times.

Will Nashville match? What are the details of the terms? Is it front loaded? Maximum amount the first however many years? I think they have to do so regardless of the contract. They cannot let their franchise player sign elsewhere for picks. Interestingly enough, if they do match, then Shea Weber is a Nashville Predator for life…unless of course Nashville matches and then trades him…hey, I hear the Flyers may be interested. Do you like circles? I like circles.

I hope Philly gets him because that means the chances of Shea Weber becoming an L.A. King someday increase exponentially.

Grab the popcorn. This should be fun to watch.