Fuck You Beverly Hills High School Administration

Beverly Hills High School bans Surly & Scribe


We’re actually not mad. We find this both hilarious and a compliment. Everyone knows, high school kids don’t curse…or talk about male or female body parts in crude language.

Thanks to reader, Alex for sending this along…and shame on you for reading a site like this.

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  1. that is funny!
    seriously with what goes on in school now a days..cursing is m.i.l.d
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  2. Hahaha!

    Damn, I guess I am a shitty parent.

  3. The Beverly Hills Unified School District can blow all content filters out its ass.

    Are we directing our comments to these prissy jackoffs?

    As if !

  4. How dare you undo all the great work in our community and for our you that the Kings Cup run did (http://lakingsnews.com/2012/07/09/how-winning-the-stanley-cup-reduces-acne-teenage-pregnancy-crime-and-more/) with your poop-mouths!

  5. If anyone thinks this place can be crude, then just go to a Kings game and listen to some spectators
    that are outraged by an opponent’s score, a bad ref call, or losing a game.

  6. Fuck em, spoiled bitches! My dad went to Beverly Hills High back when it had a “cement pond” now called a really cool pool that sits underneath a pristine wooden floor, that opens up for swimming.

    • BTW, they are still pumping “texas tea” out of a well underneath his old house. He lived at the corner of Linden and Gregory a block east of BHHS. I
      I went to the Univ of Arizona with then mayor Brown’ daughter Eileen Brown, the nephew of Bruce Dern, Warren Dern and a few others.

  7. I got the best blow job of my life between two Ferraris in BHHS parking lot. Lot of great sluts attend! Go Kings

  8. All this brings back very bad vibes and memories from this ugly and repulsive past:

  9. Anyone notice the red star of communism on that page?

    • I hate liberals/ feminist-liberals. Who does that? Play a youth hockey/baseball/football game and not keep score because they’re “all winners.” Horseshit. I garuantee those kids are keeping score. It all bleeds over to socialism/totalitarianism/fascism, hatred of good old American principles of Capitalism and if your weak….I’ll kick your ass. I say let ’em cuss.
      +1 for great BJ’s at school.

      • You didn’t put a whole lot of critical thinking into that comment, did ya?

        • Since when have I been know for critical thinking? Jesus, who asks that? However, at minimum, I do know the difference between “then” and “than”…….on a higher note, as opposed. to most commentors. Alex, your golden.

      • I think this should go in the Reader Hall of Fame under the sub-category of stupidest things ever said said on this blog.

  10. It seems to me upon further reflection that these educators will now actually motivate more teens to visit this place, read, and post. At this moment, maybe this publicity is spreading like wild fire across America and to the rest of the world, so that this weekend maybe this site is inundated and crashes from overload. Hey, maybe a whole new cadre of Kings fans to boot.

  11. Kompon was just hired by the Blackhawks. I thought it was great news when LA fired him, but this is even better!

  12. It’s good to know that high schoolers actually care about the Kings enough to read up on em. Typical CA public school standard issue until the bell rings. Now that’s a man sized hit!

  13. Nash traded to the Rangers?

      • A worthy competitor still. I thought it was going to be the classic LA vs NY showdown last season. Maybe it’ll show up this season. How sweet it would be to again skate the cup around the ice while Brad Richards and Rick Nash look on.

      • First Prust goes, now Dubie.. they are really breaking up the team… we will see how this goes with all the Big Egos in that room… Torts being the Biggest.
        GO KINGS GO !!!


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