Lubomir Visnovsky Wants to Retain His Anaheim Ducks Stench of Ignorance and Failure

While Surly is busy figuring out if he is apathetic, ecstatic, inebriated or magnetic, there is some fun news to report regarding our old friend, Cookies Visnovsky.

You all recall we sent Lubo to frozen Alberta and Oilers country in exchange for now L.A. Kings Stanley Cup Champions, Jarret Stoll and Matt Greene. Both players were huge for us in the Stanley Cup Championship playoff run (I just cannot stop writing Stanley Cup Champion in one form or another). Let’s all take a moment to celebrate that victory again with a “WE’RE STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS!”…

The Oilers eventually traded Lubomir Visnovsky to the Anaheim Ducks – Gross – where Lubo resided in the land of soccer mom, fans with hockey IQs just below moron and kids who attend games so they can stuff their fat faces and blow Duck calls.

At the 2012 draft, the Ducks traded Visnovsky to the New York Islanders (out of the frying pan and into the…) after which Lubo was quoted as saying, “this is my first choice, to play for the Islanders” (please hold your LOLs until the end) until he and the NHLPA apparently got together months later and decided that his no-trade clause which he failed to invoke when he was traded from Edmonton to Anaheim (and you may recall Dean Lombardi gave him but then traded him before it took effect) still applied and since the Brooklyn/Quebec/Kansas City/Queens Islanders were not on that list, he wants to come back…so he can go to the KHL. I think. What?

What the fuck is the matter with you, Lubo? You got out of Anaheim, man! Did you get institutionalized? Should we start calling you Brooks Hatlen? Get the rope ready? Play out the last year of the contract, have some fun with Tavares, exchange some stories with Matt Moulson about what it’s like to be a former King who plays for another team and hasn’t won a Cup and take it like a man and look back fondly on your L.A. Kings days…and your cookies suck.

Let’s go back to Surly’s post about his state of mind. That was more fun…

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  1. Yes, let’s go back to my article. Particularly since without any link to tell us what the hell you are talking about, it seems you are spouting nonsense. Did Visnovsky perform a retroactive abortion on his trade?

    • Hey, perhaps if you kept up with current events, you wouldn’t need a link…okay, I added a link.

      • sounds like he said that since he was traded to the Islanders, playing for them was his first choice between that and playing for the KHL. Clearly both take a back seat to basking in the shadow of the great and mighty Kings.

  2. doublepeacesigns was here

  3. This is a no brainer. The guy likes Slovak food and culture in metro LA.

    Also, I think he wants to hang out with some of his old Kings chums after he saw the Vegas Post Cup parties…

  4. Nice Shawshank reference!

  5. LASCCKINGS… I must abbreviate it I type it so much..:0
    poor Lubo..poor schmuck.. he always gave 100% for us.. . he was a tryer.. I have always felt bad for the guy being stuck in suck land.. maybe it got to him.. he went quacko…

  6. Off-topic:

    Nashville matched Philadelphia’s offer-sheet.

    Philly fans are all over the web, crying, “Foul !”


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