L.A. Kings Hire Former St. Louis Blues Head Coach, Davis Payne as Assistant?

That is according to Jeremy Rutherford.

Davis Payne was the Blues coach from 2010 until he was fired and replaced by Ken Hitchcock, the latter of whom has dingle-berries with which Surly is obsessed. Davis Payne took over the Blues’ head coaching job from former L.A. Kings head coach, Andy Murray. Davis Payne will replace former L.A. Kings assistant coach, Jamie Kompon, who is now an assistant with Chicago. Jamie Kompon still sucks. I think that takes care of all threads to this hiring.

What do I know about Davis Payne? Very little…but I can read.



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  1. This is noting new considering John Stevens being a former coach who could not get a Flyers team to make a deep run into the playoffs.
    Philly replaced Stevens with Laviolette.
    St. Louis fired Payne, so having Payne and Stevens just means you have 3 coaches, or former head coaches with the Kings.
    I just like that Payne coached the “Aces” because that reminds me of the bar Reg Dunlop frequented in Slap Shot.

  2. I can’t really fault Sutter for hiring this guy. I mean he came in and won the SC his 3/4 quarters of a season as Kings head coach the guys a fucking hero! He can’t be much worse than Kompon anyways. The only thing I know about him is that he sucked ass as head coach of the Blues.

  3. Sutter’s hockey smarts and instincts haven’t failed the Kings yet. I trust his judgement and he interviewed several candidates and thought it over. From this article on when Payne was hired:
    Is this:
    Payne’s strength lies in his man management skill. His is able to coax good performances out of his squad and has an ability to organize well.
    He is tactically knowledgeable and his teams are always well drilled.

    This team has a lot of offensive talent and given what we saw from March 1 on, they don’t need big changes. Hopefully, he can work up a good PP system.

  4. I compiled a bunch of stuff on the new guy including a scrap and an epic “blast” by sportscenter… http://kingsnewsdaily.com/meet-davis-payne-your-new-cup-champion-coach/

  5. Who “hired” Payne? Lombardi or Sutter?

    I’m not talking about who made the final administrative or financial decision. How much input did Sutter have in choosing this guy?

    Don’t just say that ANYONE is better than Kompon. I love what DS has done as a coach. But he was one of the worst GMs in human history.

    • Payne went up to Sutter’s farm and Sutter interviewed him there. By all accounts, the decison was Sutter’s.

  6. I have nothing bad to say on this guy. He helped to put that Blues team into good shape for Hitch. But he was not there long enough to really give us a lot of clues on his talents.
    With this addition, it seems to me that the Kings are loaded with tons of years of coaching hockey knowledge and expertise. The final test will be that all of them are pulling the oars in synch and complimenting each other, where the players are kicking butt and win and excel in the playoffs for a two-peat.

  7. http://www.jtbourne.com/coach/


    And, he had to visit Viking and do a day of work on The Farm to get the job. See the Hammond article, but here’s the relevant passage:

    “SUTTER: “What I’ve done is, I’ve had guys fly in and spend a day at the farm with me, and guys that I know. I was looking for very specific things. I prefer guys with coaching experience. I prefer a guy that knows the Western Conference. I want a guy that’s hands-on. I want a guy that’s a good communicator. I want a guy that’s preferably not over-the-hill. So, it has tightened up a lot, because quite honestly you have a lot of people that are interested in it, but to me, it’s like I tell them, I want the best free agent out there. It was no slight on Jamie or nothing. I just wanted a different type of coach. With a young team, you need to be really hands-on, and it’s got to come from more than just one or two guys. It’s got to come from everybody.”

    That’s good enough for me.

    I’m willing to bet that the Special Teams play improves dramatically — note the follow quote from the 1st link:

    “Before each game, the whiteboard was JAMMED with information. Those crib notes included our opponents most used breakouts, their powerplay breakouts, powerplay setups, who to “key on” (who’s the most frequent PP shooter, stay in his lane), what their penalty kill setup is, goalie’s weakness etc. Then, the list of all of our info… same stuff, other side.

    He had it up as soon as we walked in the room, so guys could grab a coffee and study up before he came in and went over it all.

    Between periods, he made adjustments. “They switched from a box plus-one on the powerplay to an umbrella, here’s our counter-adjustment…””

    • Maybe Sutter will bring the whole Kings team up to the farm and work the place for a couple of days and listen to wisdom and war stories and Sutterisms—lol…

  8. Well I was totally against Sutter’s hiring and look how wrong I was with that. I’ll wait and make my opinion about him when we win our second cup (in a row ;)).

  9. Dude has an awesome expression of incredulity. Vastly superior to j/k’s slack-jawed yokel mug.


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