My Motorcycle Helmet Got Three L.A. Kings Tattoos

There were two things I promised myself once the L.A. Kings won the Cup – A Kings tattoo on my body (first Kings tattoo, second actual one) and a Kings customization of my motorcycle helmet. For those who do not know, I am an avid rider and have been most of my adult life – Harley, sports bikes, you name it.

I haven’t gotten the L.A Kings tattoo yet because the better half and I have a slight disagreement about location…no, it’s not over my penis. I want to put the tattoo across my back. The wife is not having any of it. She wants it to go on the left shoulder / arm, since the right arm is occupied and this would make it, according to her, “symmetrical”. On this issue, I may have to revert to the established guy code that, in the name of progress, it is sometimes easier to apologize than to ask permission.

Fortunately, the motorcycle issue is entirely my domain and within my unabashed discretion. I sent my helmet off for customization   nearly two weeks ago with design instructions and I picked it up today. I showed it to Charlotte first (every Harley needs a girl’s name) and I am now showing it to you second. Enjoy.

LA Kings Stanley Cup Motorcycle Helmet

LA Kings Stanley Cup Motorcycle Helmet

LA Kings Stanley Cup Motorcycle Helmet

LA Kings Stanley Cup Motorcycle Helmet

Oh and if we occupy a highway together, honk and wave hello…ladies, remember to show your elbows.


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16 replies

  1. I’m not one for tats, but your helmet is awesome. Nice job!!

  2. That is fucking amazing!!!! That Stanley Cup looks flawless. Definitely deserves some major elbow flashing!

  3. The perfect helmut ever. I think you could speed pretty much around town and on the freeways and get a free pass from the CHP and LAPD….lol

  4. Nice work – the shimmering holy grail.

  5. You’re a fick suck, Scribe.

    Tattoos are decidedly NOT among my favorite things.

    But yes . . . the helmet has tits.

    • Meh. I am an artist. I paint with words. My twisted mind provides the back up imagery. Tattoos are a fun outlet for that…and if you’re not having fun, you’re not living, old man ;)

      • You want “living”?

        You and your old lady shoulda argued over locating the tattoo on your dick.

        (Incidentally, when I was in the Marines, sometime during the siege of Troy, I happened to notice a guy in the showers with what looked at first like some sort of tiny, but uniform, stains that ran from his ankle, up his leg and around his ass, then in a coil dangerously round his genitals. On further inspection — at a discreet distance, mind — I could read the caption: “Chew along dotted line.”

        (This fellow was more mature than we were and always seemed to make sensible and solid decisions while the rest of us just sputtered about. Yet I’m forced to ask, “Just how drunk does a man have to get before . . . “)

  6. Off topic, but Dustin Brown enjoying his vacation with the CUP, overlooking a beautiful lake in Ithaca:

    Great stuff, your best friend dog and new friend the CUP.

  7. Perfect. Don’t really need to say anything else.

  8. Nice helmet. Too bad you are riding a Harley with it on. Harley’s are lame. Used to be rebels and outlaws rode them, now its conservative t-baggers….

    • ha ha. Join me at one of the local biker bars and your tune may change. I doubt you ride but your comment was funny, nevertheless. Certainly, there is an element of the conservative t-bagger in anything and everything in life.

    • Yes, as Keanesian defecit spend has worked wonders.

  9. Nice! Wear it with Pride!

  10. The symmetrycal tattoo: symmetry is overrated.
    The wife: this is a pretty anonymous site. So you’ll get a tendency to get tough guys telling you to “be a man” “put it where you want” etc.
    You love your wife, take her feelings into account. Not because you’ll “get cut off” but because you love your wife and her opinion should matter.
    My deep thought for this quarter of 2012.


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