It’s weird being an L.A. Kings fan these days. Last summer, when I thought about labor unrest and a lockout, I cursed under my breath at Bettman and the league. I asked myself questions such as, “do these jack asses not realize we have a healthy league and it has taken years since the last lockout to get us here?” and “are they really going to be so shortsighted so as to cause damage to the general fan’s perception of hockey and take the league backward?”

The Die-Hards aren’t going anywhere. Surly and I and you will be fans regardless of what happens. That is not to say we will be “happy” about a lockout but we certainly won’t swear off hockey and our L.A. Kings because rich people want to get richer. It’s the casual fan (both active and potential) whose psyche will be affected and will turn on basketball, baseball or that one sport with the funny looking ball and 15 minutes of total action over 3 hours.

Do I care? Strangely, not really or, better written, only a little. I won’t be “yay, a lockout, more time to celebrate the Cup!” Some of you may but you’re weird and I am not. Instead, my general demeanor about this whole NHL lockout is that of a spectator…a fat and happy one that just feasted on roasted tender duck with an orange brandy sauce and fresh herbed vegetables…and a Samuel Smith’s Porter. Our Cup runneth over and I’m in a happy state of drunk.

Go Kings!