NBC Embarrasses Itself On the International and Olympic Stage Too…

We know NBC Sports’ incompetence all too well, don’t we Kings fans? Chatting about irrelevant nonsense during critical plays, insight into the game that rivals that of a 12 year old Anaheim Ducks fan and a bunch of irrelevant hyperbole and fluff that is too stupid for knowledgable fans and too boring for the casual one. It seems NBC’s inability to do anything right and knack for doing all things wrong applies to covering the Summer Olympics as well. Read.

Recently, our own Bruce Jacobs wrote about how the coverage of the 2012 Olympic Games was just fine, and how nobody should be airing their grievances about it, which many have taken to the web to do. However, if you don’t like tape delays, web streams that freeze or are blurry on many occasions, or have even one iota of interest in seeing nations other than the United States compete, you would disagree with Bruce’s point of view.

If you agree with Bruce, you probably don’t care that you were not shown one of the saddest moments in Olympic history from an on-field perspective.

Monday, in the women’s fencing epee semifinal match between Britta Heidemann of Germany and Shin A Lam of South Korea, Lam led with one second left on the clock. All she had to do was not be touched in that one second and she would be advancing to the gold medal match. Unfortunately for Shin, the clock never started after the referee signaled to restart the match, giving Heidemann more than one second to land the winning touch.

Incensed, the Korean team paid to file an appeal of the decision, while Shin had to sit on the playing surface, known as a piste, to indicate that she did not accept the decision of the judges. She was there for over a half hour, with much of that time spent in tears, before the appeal was denied.

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  1. Condemning NBC with a link to an ESPN station? If there is a work stoppage at least NBC would notice. Fuck both of them and fuck the work stoppage, I’m all OHL all the time from here on out. Go Guelph Storm Go!

  2. NBC’s coverage is a bloody fucking sin.

    I quite understand that some editing may be required in order to fit a competition into a time slot. But when you’re already using that time slot to hype the drama of a particular event, it behooves you to trust the event itself to produce the drama.

    I’m speaking here, of course, about the God-awful broadcasts of gymnastics — particularly men’s gymnastics. For a whole week I yearned to watch these guys work the high-bar and the still rings. But the first days were over-dedicated to floor, the pommel horse, and the parallel bars. Until a bare half-hour was left in the prime time airing of the men’s all-around, there was but a single out-of-context showing of the rings and of the high bar during the entire course of this first week.

    But even that final half-hour was devoid of ANY still rings. And the only reason we got to see any of the non-American competitors was because one of our guys, whose pommel horse score axed him down into the abyss, was able to claw his way out of the toilet and into a bronze — and almost a silver — medal. Yet even though it made perfect narrative sense to include ALL the apparatus that this American made use of on his unlikely comeback, NBC chose to exclude the entirety of the still rings rotations.

    Instead, NBC filled the time with volley ball, rhythmic ass-fucking, pointless interviews, and documentaries about what the Olympics “mean” to the athletes. And that chick — Andrea something-or-other — who haunts the pool side like she’s trying to peddle blow-jobs, should be ground into soot. Her penetrating reportage consists of “How does it feel to win the gold medal?” (What answer does one make to that? “It’s fucked, man! I never felt so Goddamn miserable in my life!”)

    I’m informed that NBC will try to make up for this outrage by broadcasting the high bar and still rings at length during the singles competition. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    Meanwhile, if you wanna edit any of the competitions, wait for the next Winter Olympics and put a cork in all the airtime devoted to curling.

    • “But when you’re already using that time slot to hype the drama of a particular event, it behooves you to trust the event itself to produce the drama.”

      This, 1000x this. They spend so much time yammering on trying to create drama and tell a story that isn’t there that we miss any real drama that happens. I watch the Olympics for the raw spectacle of the competitions, not whatever bullshit story some stupid ass announcers cook up.

  3. NBC’s crimes against broadcasting have been consistent and atrocious. Besides the points made in this article, all perfectly valid, NBC continues not to show leader boards so that you have to listen to every fucking word the announcers say to have any idea what is going on in a team competition. When they do show leader boards or individual scores, there are for less than 2 seconds and nearly impossible to digest.

    What’s more, they have ruined the outcomes of events several times by showing commercials congratulating the winners BEFORE they show the actual event.

    The fact that you can’t see any other countries of good performances is a major point of contention for me as well. In a 5 hour broadcast, I fast forward through over half of it because I refuse to watch mindless interviews and shitty pieces about these people. I don’t care about these Olympians personal lives beyond what you can tell me during the event. That, and enough with the fucking volleyball already. Once I get done fast forwarding through commercials, bullshit side pieces and the seemingly endless variations of the same stupid game of volleyball there is about an hour of Olympics on TV I actually care to watch.

    it’s amazing that NBC continues to get stuff like this and the big golf tournaments. Though if they didn’t, they wouldn’t exist because they are incapable of generating any original scripted content that America cares to watch. Outside of a few critically acclaimed comedies on Thursday nights that stay on the air despite being pummeled in the rating every night, they’ve got nothing.

    At least the rest of the country now gets to see what we were all so pissed off about during the playoffs. Fuck NBC.

  4. No question about it, NBC sports sucks the worse of the legacy networks. I have a whole list of grievances with the NBC Olympics, but what is the point, since, they keeping doing all of the same mistakes and new ones all the time. You would think the place is run by amateurs, or just indifferent

    They not only put their foot in their mouths, but, the whole leg and up to their groins.

    What I am most P.O. about, is the breaking away all the time to other competitions that I don’t want to watch and then going back later to finish up the prior competition, with leaving parts out and missing the context.

    Luckily, with Direct TV, my remote speeds through the crap and junk so that I can watch what really counts with me.

    Anybody here able to watch the Olympics with another broadcast company, such as out of Canada or Europe? Any good luck in how they handle the broadcasts?

    • Here in Canada, we have at least 5 different channels that are covering the Olympics. CTV is the main network, but we also have TSN & TSN2 (Canada’s ESPN), Rogers Sportsnet, RDS (which is the French version of TSN) & V (also french).

      Most are live broadcasts, and unless it is something like the 100m final, all channels are showing something different, so there are many choices.

      Coverage starts on most channels at 6:00am eastern and run all day long on most of them. All channels also run recaps of events during Primetime. The CTV website (www.ctv.ca) also streams many events live.

      Having a satelite, I get all these channels, and coverage has been excellent. We also have the NBC feed, but I have not watched a minute of it.

      • Sounds that you are happy with the coverage and commentary, which is great. Thinking about this whole NBC story, I think it has jaded me to lose interest more in the whole Olympic story and offerings. I mean, how many times do we have to be spoon fed the Phelps story. Okay, the guy broke a lot of records. But pounding into viewers brains all night long and day after day gets to be real old.
        And the commercials, how about like 3-4-5 minutes of commercials then another 5-8 minutes of action.
        It has gotten to the point that I don’t want to drink Cokes, and switched to Pepsi for a change.
        Anyway, you are lucky guy that you can have better alternatives.

      • another thing I like about the Canadian coverage is that we are not spoon fed just the Canadian athletes, we get to see all the best no matter their nationality.

        • Those cement Tim Horton doughnuts are great to snack on while watching shit Canadian TV. No offense. Phelps is a God.

          • shit Canadian TV??? have you watch NBC’s cover of the Olympics fuck face? Oh and I’ll take Hockey night in Canada over any lame ass American feed ANYDAY. So who has shit tv again? Oh and no offense.

  5. I’m surprised that no one has pointed fingers at our “Stanley Cup Champions Kings”, claiming that the time-keeper from Staples was involved.

  6. The Olympics have record #’s because they’re showing the best feed one time in the fucking day, that is if you aren’t up at 3 in the morning to watch it. Fuck NBC, Fuck the Ducks, Fuck Joan Rivers for boycotting Costco, and Fuck the mars rover for being so bad ass.

    • Joan Rivers is boycotting Costco? Porque?

      • Never mind. I found out it was for not selling her book. No politics, just commercial greed.

        For Chrissakes, I probably couldn’t buy a copy of Crime and Punishment at Costco.

  7. Im at Iron Maiden at Irvine. “The Trooper” just played and all I can think about are ” This fucking team right here!” God I love the Fucking Kings. FYI … Yes! I AM DRUNK!


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