Drunk or Sober? From June to October.

We’ve all been drunk, no? Not from alcohol, not exclusively, but years for some, decades for others of unconsummated love for a hockey team – our hockey team – our Los Angeles Kings, suddenly to climax. Tonight, for no particular reason, I watched game five against the Coyotes. It wound me up. My juices flowed. My blood bubbled. Game five against the Dogs was followed by game six against the Devils from the beginning to the end…for the 22nd time since we won the Stanley Cup.

How have you been? When did life return to normal for you? Has it? Is it still surreal or has the fact your L.A. Kings are the Stanley Cup Champions sank far and deep enough into your psyche to become fixed?

Have you been reading about the team? Following each player’s day with the Cup? I know you’ve been watching the games.

And what about the season? 2012-2013. Yeah, we are not sure what’s going to happen there, right? Timmy Love called me on Friday and we chatted about the CBA, the league’s offer, our frustrations with the owners and their adolescent gamesmanship of setting the rules, failing to play by them and then whining about absurd new terms at the player’s sole expense to protect them from themselves. Timmy doesn’t think the season will start on time. I don’t know. Negotiations are fluid. Little can happen in weeks. A lot can happen in hours.

“Where’s Surly?” Drunk.

Funny thing happened today. It started with a relaxing motorcycle ride through the canyons. It ended moments ago with the celebration that followed game six. I sobered up.

I am ready for hockey again.

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  1. Hiccup!

    Nothin else matterssss…

    ‘Cept the blonde who’s passed out on the couch after a sev’rl hours ‘o thrustin’ n bust’n.

    Mmmm, to the victr th spoils…


  2. I fell off the wagon from the time of the game 6 victory and until the parade, but, then I had to return to my AA meetings. But it has been extremely difficult to stay off the wagon to say the least. Even if I see a Corona beer commercial or in particular the Bacardi Party TV commercial, it drives me nuts.

    As for following the team, oh, absolutely. I am pumped up now to keep up with every bit of team and player trivia, tweets, and photos popping up about the CUP.

    I pray that everybody can negotiate their best new deal, cave in, and then lets play hockey ASAP.

    Man, I do miss the smell of inside Staples, including the dight of the bright, shiny, glistening ice with the Kings logo dead square at center line.

  3. Slow August, so why not a word from women’s field hockey?


    PS I won’t believe the Kings are for real until they win the cup…again.

  4. I was in town the other day getting in some ice time at the Toyota rink and there’s just a shit load of pride walking into that place now. Right when you walk in there’s the billboard (whatever you call it) with the SC and players and then all the other shit about being champs. Fuckin A it was legit.

    The same old banners are still up but that’s gonna change soon. So as I’m paying the girl I ask her “So when’s the banners going up?” She told me that at Staples the first home game. Gonna be a big to do. I’ve gotta find a way to get tickets to that game but that’s only if the season actually starts. Lockout = no hockey = we don’t get to celebrate like normal teams do when they win and start the new season.

    I look forward to hockey starting every October because this season just might be the year. But the Kings have Finally accomplished that and not to be able to raise the banners and have our celebration at the home opener would be fucked up to say the least.


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