I sat down a few nights ago and watched game 6 from beginning to end…for the 24th time. It was the first time I didn’t cry at the end (what a pussy, right?) although my eyes welled up a little when Trevor Lewis scored the empty netter…go figure.

As my hunger for L.A. Kings hockey grows and I am pretty damn ready for the season to start, I read a lot of talk out there and very little action about the CBA. I try to wrap my head around it and find some logic, some reason why the owners’ position is anything other than happy horse shit by a bunch of greedy men who want to make more money they have neither earned nor deserve, all on the players’ backs. I play the role of a PR person in my mind and advocate the owner’s position to the public but I continuously run into the word hypocritical assholes over and over again when I think of my own client…if I was in such a PR position. The owners are Obama and Romney rolled into one (Mitt…your name is Mitt? Only an asshole is named Mitt), both full of shit hypocrites who think everyone is distracted from the core issues that plague us and neither without a clue how to resolve them because they are too busy towing the line while they listen to their advisors who are nothing more than miniature asshole of the bigger idiot…where was I?

Oh yeah…bullshit…

Gary Bettman in 2008:

“One of the reasons we had to go through a difficult period through the work stoppage is because we didn’t have a system that worked and it was affecting our franchises’ health and what the game looked like on the ice, So, by creating a partnership with the players, by having a salary cap, we now have a system that works for everybody — but most importantly for our fans.”

Do the NHL owners (the bigger ones especially) really think everything will be just fine and there will not be backlash from the fans if there is a lockout? Are they really foolish enough to think the players will surrender like they did in 2004, especially when the NHLPA’s position is not only logical but IS the better solution to the revenue sharing issue and the big vs. small market problem? Do they think hockey is invincible and won’t lose fans? Do they not remember what happened during the last lockout and how many years it took to rebuild fan loyalty? Is Gary Bettman, as the advocate of the owners, so obtuse that he hasn’t sat them down and explained this to them?

We die-hards will always be there. We die-hards are not their “profit”. They lose the casual fan, they may lose everything. Look around. The economy isn’t booming. Discretionary spending is becoming far more discretionary. You piss off the lowest common denominator and they take their money elsewhere and you may have more franchises with empty seats and unable to sustain themselves. Is that what the owners want? I have the answer to that question – they have no idea what they want, other than a bigger piece of the pie. How they obtain it is irrelevant to them so long as they get it…or maybe it’s all a bluff and they will cave at the last-minute. I don’t know. I just want L.A. Kings hockey to start on time. Winning a Stanley Cup is like fucking a young Rebecca Romijn for three straight months…no way you can do that and not want it again.