Fantastic Tribute to Ruslan Salei

If you haven’t already seen it on Puck Daddy, check out this incredibly talented and touching tribute to the life and career of Ruslan Salei, done entirely in sand before the start of a tournament in Minsk dedicated to the former NHLer, the only player we will forgive for being a Mighty Duck.

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  1. Wow that’s fucking phenominal! Another sober reminder not to take my life for granted.
    RIP Ruslan

  2. A bio for Ruslan:

    Fate had it where Detroit gave him one year for the 2010-2011 season. Evidently, for whatever reason, he returns to Europe to play in the KHL. Sept 7th, 2011 was tragic for all on board. Each had a story behind them on why they were on that plane that day.

    Twists and turns of life and it happens. So sad. Hopefully there is plenty of ice time in our future place of rest.

  3. that was amazing sand art work! pretty touching too!

  4. Magnificent.

    If this is the same chick artist I’ve seen do this shit before, she’s wonderfully fuckable, too.

  5. Very touching video, it’s crazy how your life can change in an instant

  6. That was awesome. What a tragedy. That sand artistry is incredible, though.


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