Sonnets From Scribe. NHL Owners, How do I Hate Thee…

Let me count the ways.

I hate thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach.

I hate thee so large that though it burdens my mind, I strive for a greater measure,

So deep that my venom to your veins soothes my heart

That I would walk for days through a blistering hell just to spit my last breath to your face.

I hate thee that if I loved thee like I hate thee, my heart could never love again,

That I would hold an Anaheim Ducks fan in an embrace as a brother if he stabbed thee in the heart you don’t carry.

I hate thee with a thirst your greed could never reach.

I am consumed by its taste and hunger for more.

I hate thee for what your ambassador is to the core of his being – an imp with cloven feet and forked tongue,

Because you are the symbol of all that is dishonor. You are its metaphor, its face of disgrace.

I hate thee that when I rest my head this night, I will look forward to the morrow, to find a renewed verve to hate thee.

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  1. Stop it, Scribe.

    You’re being too subtle.

    However, in all this my heart’s in the highlands with the players. Whatever financial problems the league now faces arose from the owners and no place else.

  2. Oh, Gary Bettman
    Here’s something to advocate:
    Eat a bag of dicks.

  3. Oh please, is there not some bigger company or organization that can take Bettman and allow him to ruin somebody else’s company or organization. Seriously, maybe Obama can take him and offer him some czar job in the WH, like, maybe czar over Obamacare or something.

  4. Baseball and Basketball have always been dead to me. Football died long ago. Now its Hockey’s turn.

  5. Both sides are to blame in my opinion. They both need to come together and make this deal happen.

  6. “That I would hold an Anaheim Ducks fan in an embrace as a brother if he stabbed thee in the heart you don’t carry.”
    Yep that is about it.. I felt a sense of despair last Jan about what might happen come this Sept.. was able to put it away as we make our amazing and lifetime highlight of the cup run and claim.. and as August rolled around that sense of despair crept back..
    GO KINGS GO !!!

  7. Scribe & Surly (and anyone else reading this question) what form of hockey will you guys watch if there’s an indefinite lockout?? I heard something about the AHL being televised which would be fun. I’ll definitely be at the Reign games (and some college stuff too)

  8. This whole thing sucks a big one!!! Screwing up the Frozen Fury…maybe all the fans should just get together and play a pick up game at MGM Grand…oh wait I can’t skate…hell I vote we just run wildly around Vegas waving hockey sticks like demented Vikings and taking out people!!!! Just think of the fun that would be? A nice way to work out hockey frustration. Let’s all meet up by the MGM and work our way down the strip raising havoc as we go! Extra points if the person you take out resembles one of the NHL owners…just thinking here!


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