Random thoughts…

A lockout means I save money, see my family more, eat 41 more home cooked meals between now and next April and I am fucking pissed off about it.

I like dogs because they are not people. I like people because they are not cats.

On a keyboard, the letter “F” is to the right of D. The letter “S” is to the left of D. Do Ducks fans think this is coincidence? You fucking suck!

How the hell can you screw up calling a game with 15 minutes of action? It’s football for goodness sake. They can’t focus for 15 minutes out of 3 hours? The league are morons. Don’t bring in replacement officials with a severe case of ADD.

I have watched game 6 a total of 27 times. I have watched the recorded locker room celebration 34 times. I have watched the LA Kings DVD 23 times…and the movie Miracle twice in the past month. Beat that!

Today, amid a busy day at work, I took a minute to think about what I would do to Gary Bettman if I had 20 minutes alone with him. It brought me peace.

My wife says the L.A. Kings winning the Stanley Cup won’t be “real” for her until I get my Kings tattoo. Yet, she won’t let me put it where I want it. I may have to go with an old maxim that has served me well over the years…sometimes, in the name of progress, it is easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.