Two Stanley Cup Images I Will Never Forget…Our L.A. Kings Immortalized

When I saw it, I gasped. Something about the pictures caused me to re-live it again.

I have heard people use the words, “surreal”, “unbelievable” and “incredible.” I have heard the media utter, “improbable” and “unthinkable.”  I heard one person call it, to my smile, a “miracle.” The image of Dustin Brown raising the Stanley Cup above his head on our ice may be all of those things. Now, it is time for another reflection. This moment dyes in history’s wool that our Los Angeles Kings are Stanley Cup Champions.

View it.

Love it.

Cherish the moment you saw it in this glory.

Thank you Chaz Curry for providing us with the pictures. I received Chaz’s (who checked with Kings Vision) express permission to post these images here. If you want to reuse, reproduce or repost them, you need that same express consent. Chaz is not only a die-hard L.A. Kings fan but he is a skilled and experienced photographer, filmmaker and editor. You owe it to yourself to check out more of Chaz Curry’s work on his website.

L.A. Kings Stanley Cup Engraved (Photo by Chaz Curry)

Photo property of Chaz Curry & Kings Vision, used with their express consent. Do not reproduce, reuse or repost without their express consent.

Stanley Cup - Photo by Chaz Curry

Photo property of Chaz Curry & Kings Vision, used with their express consent. Do not reproduce, reuse or repost without their express consent.

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15 replies

  1. For any hockey fan and students of the game, lovers of the sport and all the skill it takes for those players to perform at the level they do, and how hard it is to achieve that ultimate goal, it is beloved as the most spectacular and unique trophy in sports. But when you see it in person ,it is just beyond majestic, unrivaled sheer beauty, total perfection. It’s almost alive.
    In the stunning reflection of those players names, you envision all the great heros of the sport and legends over decades of time who’ve raised it, drank from it (and whatever other bawdy things done in the throes of celebrative state , in their inebriated glory) and it gives you chills and goosebumps.
    I’ve seen it twice and it doesn’t lose that glory.
    For my Kings fans who actually live in LA where it ‘s been touring and have seen it, just wait until next year whne the Kings win again, it will be just as spectacular, it never loses it’s lusteR

  2. As tremendous it is to see all of those names, it nevertheless brought to mind the many great Kings players that fought so hard and so long to try to win this world’s best prize. This is a payback and tribute to the entire Kings history, and it is a pay it forward to the next Kings that can have pride and appreciation that it can be done to add more Kings championships.

  3. No terry murray?

  4. Nancy Anschutz??? If she wasn’t giving our boys pre-game hummers, then WTF is she doing on the Cup?

  5. Thank You Bobby for sharing!!!
    I have had the best experiences that any TRUE KING FAN could have.
    Playoff Games(3) Victory Parade and Rally. Hermosa Beach Parade..Beer at North End.
    Picture with Lord Stanley.. I touched the ‘bare spot’ knowing that soon we would see all our
    Boys beloved names. Now I can have a preview as I know I wil see the Cup again and
    view for myself. I will go to the Hockey Hall of Fame someday and see all the history and
    now the King’s place in it. Life is GOOD.(no negatives tonight)
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  6. Surly and Scribe, can you guys possibly find video of JP Kelly checking Gordie Howe over the boards in 1980(?) Please and thank you.

  7. Perhaps the worse part about this lock out stoppage of the season, is that we are deprived of our rightful entitlement to see the banner and have Miller do the usual routines of celebratory business out on the ice. I know that will come eventually, but, it compares to getting your birthday and birthday cake about 1 to 2 months later. Just the same as the real deal.

  8. Christ i just read that deadspin story about betman’s fucking focus goop. Betman is evil. i expect this shit at work, not here. While i couldnot care less about about the hardships endured on both aides. Fuck’em all on the ass!. Where is MY godamned car???


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