L.A. Kings fans are a lucky bunch. During the chill of the NHL lockout, we have a 16-4 playoff run and a Stanley Cup Championship to warm our cockles. With the talk now of decertification (the ultimate “oh yeah?!” to the owners) over what is rumored to be a $182 million difference between the NHL and NHLPA over five years (which is about $1.2 million or so per team, per people who decided to do the math), we are going to need those roasted chestnuts through this long winter.

That is assuming of course many of us are still around to give a damn once the ice defrosts, from the tip of our id to the dark caverns of our nether region.

Coincidentally, though we often hear those inside the rink and “the know” thank us for our support, this lockout has shown me the NHL, NHLPA and even the media consider us irrelevant to the process. You may note the media and self-proclaimed pundits don’t write a whole hell of a lot about the fans. We know Gary Bettman and the 30 owners don’t give a damn. Their negotiation tactics and conduct is conclusive proof of this fact. From day one, a lockout has been the goal of Bettman and the whores he represents. He loves the fans like the Old Testament loves the Canaanites. We are the sheep to his slaughter. The NHLPA may love us more. Does the foster parent who won’t beat one of the children every day of the week love that child more? It’s all relative.

So, how are you? It’s been a while.

Who do you miss more? Me or Surly? Go ahead, say it, I promise you won’t hurt Surly’s feelings.

I got a couple of books yesterday from the local bookstore. I was surprised to find them (total random mosey toward the sports section), nearly as much as I was surprised there is still a local bookstore. One is called the “Year of the Los Angeles Kings” and is an official NHL book on the Kings’ championship run. Not a bad piece of work. The other is by the L.A. Times and titled “Crowning Glory”. The only bad thing about the latter is that Chris Foster and Bill Plaschke contribute to it, reason enough not to purchase it. Fortunately, most of the words are that of Helene Elliott and Lisa Dillman which is why I did.

I had a random thought to turn this place into one where we could talk about anything – politics, books, music, sex, beer, drugs if you are so disposed…and then I realized I am a Libertarian who may offend most of you, enjoy reading Shakespeare, history and war, listen primarily to classical music and jazz, am married, don’t drink a lot of beer and don’t use drugs…so you would be offended and possibly bored out of your mind. Good thing I conquered that monetary thought.

I have taken some pleasure out of harassing other NHL teams’ Twitter accounts, primarily the Ducks, Sharks, Stars and Coyotes. The Coyotes Official Twitter account has blocked me so I have gathered supporters and am trying to commence a jihad. In short, you can always follow me on Twitter for laughs.

How many times have you watched game 6? HAH! Not even close. Loser.

Have you read any interviews with Terry Murray about the L.A. Kings winning the Cup? Me neither. How about Dave Taylor? Me neither. Andy Murray? Nope. If you have, share.

I miss Quisp’s statistically (just realized that rhymes with testically, which isn’t really a word) inspired spreadsheets…he has been a little passive aggressive recently on his blog…no, not Kings Kool-aid, remember he gave that one up to go to Jewels from the Crown (still a damn dumb name, nearly as stupid as Frozen Royalty), which he then left to start McSorley’s Stick. That one.

That reminds me, can they give the Insider job (that didn’t rhyme with testically but also has genital overtones) to John Hove please? Are they just waiting for the lockout to end before they figure this out? It’s like procrastination for the sake of procrastination. Surly can fill in the details about how that works.

Speaking of The Mayor, read this article about Kyle Clifford joining the Ontario Reign. I have been to two Reign games this season. Shinny hockey but fun. Going again this Wednesday. You won’t see me in a Scribe 9 jersey. Won’t wear that until we raise the banner. But, if you want to join me and others, tweet me @kingsofhockey or email me.

Enough about me. What’s new?