Today, a city grieves.

Bobby and I have many great things to say about David Courtney, the voice of the Los Angeles Kings home games, who passed away today. The sadness of this news weighs heavy in our hearts on this appropriately gloomy day.

But while we were David’s fans, my father was his friend. It was with great sorrow and a lump in my throat that I called him this afternoon with the news. had just read about David. Knowing a Facebook tribute to David was soon to follow, I asked my dad that he contribute his thoughts here, with the multitudes of people who like Bobby and I, considered David to be an irreplaceable thread of the Kings DNA.


I just heard the terrible news that David Courtney passed away. While most of you knew David as the voice of the Kings, and later as the Public address announcer for the Angels and the Clippers, I have known this kind and generous man since he was born. Our families were very close friends. We all lived in the suburbs of New York. My sisters and I spent many fun afternoons playing at each others houses. David also leaves a younger brother, John, who loved to play hockey, and a beautiful sister, Caroline.

Both of our families moved to L.A. In the mid-sixties, and remained very close.

The first Kings game I went to in the early seventies, I was kind of shocked to see David doing the announcing. The last I had heard he was a sports writer in Dallas.

Over the years, David and his wonderful voice became synonymous with the Kings. He always tried to remain neutral, but he was as much of a diehard fan as any of us.

I’d wait until the games were over and then go down to where he announced from and have long talks about many things, but the conversation always steered itself back to hockey.
When my son (who you know as Surly Jacob) was still an infant, he started coming with me to the games. When he was about 7, during the Gretzky years, David snuck us both down to the locker rooms in the bowels of the Forum, and made sure that Jacob got all of the autographs he wanted.

In the last few years, David had many wonderful things happen… he became the voice of the Angels, and later also the Clippers. But anyone who knew David, knows that his first love was always the Kings. A few years ago, David got married, and his life got even better.

I keep trying to find a way to be at peace with David’s passing. I can’t. But I can say nobody had a better time holding the Stanley Cup than David. I’m so glad he lived to see that, and to announce the final game of the series.

I’m almost glad that the players are locked out. I can’t imagine going to a Kings game and not hearing David say… “YOUR LOS ANGELES KINGS!” I wish he had had the chance to say…”ladies and gentlemen, the Stanley Cup Champions, your Los Angeles Kings!”

For all that knew him, David was a gentle soul with a great sense of humor.

Rest in Peace my friend. You will be sorely missed by all who knew you or had the privilege of listening to you announce a game


If you have any stories about David you would like to share, please do so. I know we all have many fond memories with David’s voice at the center. Also, if we hear of any information about a foundation to donate to in his memory or simply a place to send your condolences, we will pass it along.