Check out this article from the Toronto Sun:

Mary Trent says she was shocked by the behaviour of the Lowe’s Toronto Christmas Market Santa Claus as her son approached him. After Santa arrived a half hour late for his appearance, he proceeded to insult the boy’s red plaid coat.

“The first thing he tells my son is, ‘Oh, you look like Paul Bunyan,’ ” she said. “Really? Is that appropriate?

“Then he said, ‘Oh, you’re wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs tuque, you shouldn’t be wearing that, they suck.’ At that point, I took my son and told him we should go, Santa isn’t being very good today.”

There may be no hockey, but hockey fans still rule.  I have two suspicions about this Santa whose jolly nature is stymied by the thought of the Toronto Maple Leafs.  First, if he had a chance to do it all over again, he wouldn’t change a thing.  Second, he’s a Leaf’s fan.  Self-demoralization is a common trait amongst the Leafs’ faithful, though it is often accompanied by sudden delusions of grandeur.

Either way, maybe it’s just me getting into the holiday spirit, but this story made me miss hockey more than anything else has thus far.  I’m still not ready to elaborate on my, shall we say, soul-consuming spiteful rage at the lack of hockey, however the thought of a grown man’s disdain for the Leafs superseding his interest in employment and the innocent frailty of a three-year old child with Santa in his eyes and Christmas magic in his heart has awakened the Surly hockey gods within me.

Since there are no Kings to cheer for, we’ll just have to settle with Go Santa!