We have much for which to be thankful. Our L.A. Kings family earned a reward worthy of enduring praise. My fellow die-hards and I basked in the glorious vision of our captain and team raising the Stanley Cup on our home ice, forever fixing their names as Champions. Be it a decade or more of disappointment and trial we endured, all of it transformed at a moment’s notice to a prize well worth the price.

And when that day comes, and the day will come, that the symbol of our reverence is raised to the rafters to stay forever while the players we love and the team we support quests for another Cup, you will not think of impotent old men bickering about greed through their self diluted deception, but will know the only fact that controls the fate and fortune of this sport and our team are the support of millions just like you, without whom there is no honor to seek and behold.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends…for we know what awaits on the other side.