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  1. Ah, nobody is at home at the NHL office. I think if this is going to be updated, the best writers in town Bobby or Surly ought to send in the manuscript about last season and then we fans can all politic for that addition sometime this next year and before play begins (maybe) next October.

  2. That is really sad, huh. “The History Of The Kings”, with the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s etc., all the way up to the 2000’s. Then nothing? Are we supposed to be pleased that they are only two years behind?

  3. Seriously!!!
    That should have been done in June.. who is the Lagger?
    Hope you had a Nice Chirstmas.. started watching the Jr. Worlds yesterday.. at least the guys
    are just about NHL ready.. I tried watching the 17 and unders.. but they really are a ways off..
    and I am now NHL spoiled. Do not get me wrong.. I LOVE that the U,S is finally getting more and more into the Youth Hockey Program.. if I had had a son.. I have to say there would have been some major pushing toward the Greatest Sport in the History of the World :)
    GO KINGS GO!!!


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