The NHL and NHLPA Must be Close…I’m Getting a Hard-On.

Look at Donald Fehr in this CBC article. He understands the importance of well-educated enforcers. update – fuckers changed the picture

There is Twitter talk from the pundits the two sides are closer than they have been and the NHLPA counter offer does not change the NHL’s most recent HRR proposal.

The thing with Twitter talk is you have to take it with a smatter of iodine.

Still though, I looked down, noticed Spike excited and thought it best to post this.

Happy New Year Mother Sutters.

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  1. Yeah man, let’s get this deal done! Happy New Year guys, I hope all of you have a great day!

  2. … Happy New Year to everyone here. As far as I’m concerned, if the NHL chooses to play this season, all I will be thinking about is the ring ceremony and the banner unveiling.

    It’s been a long time in coming. The Kings’ players and fans deserve those moments. I have the Kleenex ready in anticipation.

  3. A raging hard-on is always good news…Where hockey is concerned, I am sure the man cannot be satisfied, tho, the legend, the myth, Bobby Scribe leads the cadre of Kings fans who this year are oversexed and underfucked.

  4. If the NHL, and NHLPA haven’t met for an orgy lasting more than a couple of days it’s hard to feel anything except buttfucked! They should have been stroking each other months ago. I remain flacid. ;-)

  5. Curious choise of words, there, the ‘rising to the occasion ‘ is noted right with ‘looking at Donald Fehr’
    That would be a reaction well past desperate

  6. It really sucks that it took this long and the owners threating Bettman that canceling is not an option to get this done. How can the league not be embarrased at this ? The agreement should have been done long ago. They are meeting tomorrow and I’ll bet by the end of the week the deal is done. WIthout the benefit of a proper training camp length and no preseason games, that means some sloppy hockey for a couple of weeks and more than a few injuries. At least the Kings have everybody signed. There are players out there that are without a contract still. I wonder if there will be any trades b4 the new season starts?

    • It will not be sloppy, a regular season is a marathon, not a sprint. With a shortened season, it is a sprint. I am excited. The Kings usually have a strong start. Maintaining that momentum has proven finicky in the past, but with a cup behind them, and DS at the helm, I am more optimistic than ever!

      Also I cannot wait to see Buttman boo’d!

  7. As much as I want to see the Stanley Cup championship banner raised, I can’t wait to see Bettman booed when he presents the Cup to Dustin Brown again


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