Anze Kopitar Suffers Right Knee Injury in Sweden

Rumor is Anze Kopitar has suffered a lower body injury (possibly right knee) and could miss a few weeks. Will let you know more as we learn more.

Update: From our Swedish correspondent @Tsetse_fly (a dude in Sweden nice enough to share information with me), we get this Kopitar quote: “Got tangled up in the corner and it felt funny. Precautionary reasons to step off. ”

When asked if the team doctor reports about 2-3 weeks were right, Anze Kopitar answered: I don’t know lets leave it at that.

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  1. BOOO! This is terrible news.

  2. It is a risk you take regardless of where you play.
    I am not sure what the difference is between Swedish doctors vs the Kings medical staff.
    He’s getting paid to play in Sweden and I am sure he has some sort of insurance for something like this happening.
    Better to have this in a professional league vs a pick up or beer league game.
    Not to worry, he has plenty of time to heal before the next season starts whenever that might be.

  3. Most of the news reports and tweets have suggested it’s the right knee and a 2 to 3 week timeframe. Given if the CBA is settled this week, possibly a Jan 18 start means he’d not miss many games, maybe 1 week or 1 week and half.
    It pays to have 2 top line centers on your second line, Richards and Carter will be able to hold the helm until Kopi is back. This team has enough talent and showed the world the playoffs that they can establish anbd maintain a solid lead.
    they’ll be fine and better now than in May….

    • There won’t be a season period.

      The garbage of bait and switch has finally pissed off the NHLPA and they are voting again to give the power to file a disclaimer which will mean no season for 12/13.

      The NHLPA gave the NHL a chance to make things right during the past few days, but the NHL failed to make an attempt at a CBA that is good for both the players and owners.

      The stunt the NHL tried to pull last night was ridiculous and pretty much ended any serious discussions about having a season in 12/13.

      Don’t believe any of this glass half full garbage. The NHLPA will file the disclaimer as soon as it can. They could have done this last night but Fehr was in meetings with the mediators and owners, so there was no way he could file this with the courts.

      These talks with mediators are nothing more than an exercise because again the HRR, Pension and other main points of the new CBA that the NHL is trying to get the NHLPA to accept is bullshit.

      LaBrun, Dreger everyone else has no clue what is going on behind the closed doors. That infamous source is nothing more than their imagination or trying to read into any interview or comment either side makes.
      The whole discussion pretty much ended on Thursday night and the deadline is now January 11th

      There is too much distrust between the NHLPA and the NHL regarding their true intentions. The latest claim that the HRR the NHL is claiming is one amount versus what the NHLPA is claiming that the NHL is not being truthful and they are hiding the actual amount of what the HRR is.

      This is like Romney not really disclosing exactly how much in taxes he paid based on what he allegedly earned, along with his offshore accounting.

      These talks aren’t doing anything but making sure both sides are engaged in negotiations with a Federal Mediator.

      Bettman says one thing and Fehr says something completely opposite. If the NHLPA is giving Fehr the ok to make the call on accepting or rejection of a new proposal, or to file a disclaimer, the NHLPA is going to file the disclaimer.

      Pay attention to all of the players now signing contracts to play over in Europe, that should give you all the information you need to surmise this season is lost.

      Its all a shell game and both sides don’t care about the fans, as we shouldn’t care about them and pay our hard earned money to line the pockets of both the owners and players.


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