And Just Like That, What? Forgiveness?

My fiancé is going to be upset. She’s still asleep, it’s our last day before returning to work after a pleasant winter vacation, so she’s allowed one last day to hibernate.

For the past six months she’s had someone special in her life. A man who is home at 6pm. A man who takes her out to dinner, watches movies, listens to her prattle on about her day. She’s had someone there to laugh when she laughs, frown when she cries, and sometimes laugh when she cries. He’ll do the dishes. He’ll take out the trash. Every now and again he’ll cuddle with her on the couch without rolling his eyes. She’s been happy. She’s going to be upset.

The NHL lockout is over, she’ll be told. Hockey is back. The Los Angeles Kings will take the ice once more. Millions across the country are overjoyed. Thousands are staring at calendars. Traffic to Puck Daddy’s twitter surges and like the belief that brought back Tinkerbell, page hits breath life. For so many, a missing half is found and the whole is made new. The void gone. Excitement returned.

My fiancé will feel robbed.

Her special someone won’t be home at 6pm anymore. More like 11. She’ll eat alone, watch TV with the cat and talk to a wall. The laughs echoing back at her will be her own, her tears will fall to the cold floor. The dishes will pile up, the trash will linger. And when she is all ready for bed, he will step into the room. Disheveled, the beer and greasy food on his breath a given, his mood impossible to predict (because let’s face it, she ain’t watching Fox Sports West on her own time). When he emerges from the shadow and his face is revealed to hold a goofy grin or a sour scowl, her peace is over regardless.

She’ll spend the next 30 minutes listening to a retelling of the game. Lots of curse words, perhaps a re-enactment or two of the chants. She’ll listen and wonder “why do I love this man? This ridiculous, obnoxious man? He gives me so much, only to take it away when the crowd calls. And yet, when he comes back, all is forgiven? I’m supposed to smile and love him as I loved him before, because that is what a good pet does. No, not a pet. Spouse. Yeah, spouse sounds better.”

My fiancé will think this to herself. What she won’t think is that he could feel the same way.

He gets up and he checks the web. He argues with avatars, the people in front of him come second. He whiles away the day hoping he’ll get off in time, that traffic won’t be so bad. He’ll drive, he’ll chew on his nails and he’ll pay $8 for the privilege of his car taking up a tiny bit of Phillip Anschutz’s space.

The arena always smell the same, like cleaning products, the lint on money and ambrosia of sweat, unwashed polyester and AXE body spray. There will be a little chill, not because of the ice, but because its January in Los Angeles which means Fall is finally here. He’ll spend his hard earned cash on beer that will probably be more expensive than it was the last time he bought it. He’ll laugh with friends he should have seen more without the pretense of a game. He’ll cheer for the players, curse at the refs, high-five his neighbors and belittle the poor schmuck in front of him wearing the other team’s threads. And at the end of the game he’ll feel satisfied, for a little while. He knows tomorrow he’ll forget all about satisfied.

On the drive home with people on the radio who are more interesting to hear than they are to talk to, he’ll listen and wonder “Why do I love this league? This ridiculous, obnoxious league? It gives me so much, only to take it away when the dollar calls. And when it comes back, all is forgiven? I’m suppose to yell and scream and love it as I loved it before, because that is what a good pet does.”

No, not a pet. A fan.

Yeah, fan sounds better.

My fiancé is going to be upset. She’s been living the good life.

I am upset, because I’m going take it all away.

Hockey is back, and so is Surly.

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  1. I celebrated Christmas today…couldn’t have asked gor anything better. <3

  2. I still feel a little butt-hurt about the whole lockout, like Boggs and the rest of the sisters got a hold of me in the laundry storage room.

    • Oh, I am still very bitter and pissed. I have some mind to just boycott the rest of the season. I wish I were that strong-willed.

      • It’s an unheathy co-dependent relationship that we as fans have with the NHL. But, last season showed exactly why I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

      • Since I’ve already committed to buying season tickets this year, I think I’ll boycott by not purchasing any NHL merchandise this year. I don’t know..what can ya do?!

      • I reserve my anger for Buttman, his henchman Daly and the cheap owners of other teams. I bear no resentment towards the kings organization for this mess. The kings were one of the moderate voices in this dispute and wanted the puck dropped ASAP so as not to lose any of the momentum they had gained last spring. I support the kings as much as ever.

  3. Why do I love this league? This ridiculous, obnoxious league?

    … I love the sport and my team. If that means I love the league by proxy, then fine. But I certainly don’t feel any love for the NHL.

    And when it comes back, all is forgiven?

    … What is there to forgive? They had a labor dispute. They don’t owe me or anyone else anything.

  4. … Know what I’m really excited to hear? Bob Miller saying “FSW presents WORLD CHAMPION Los Angeles Kings hockey.” That’ll never get old.

    • World? That is a baseball or basketball thing, no? It’s “Stanley Cup” Champion.

    • I’m done with season seats. I’ll still watch it on Center Ice, but I’m not going to a game. Every friggen time they have a contract up they do this. I’m sick of it, Janis is sick of it. There isn’t any way to stop the owners from doing it again in 7 years when the next contract is up.

      Waiting for Bettman to come out with the “the game was sick and needed to be fixed” speech. Shame on him.

  5. This whole lockout from the fans’ perspective is best summarized by this classic clip from Liar Liar:

    • So is the schedule up on to be believed? We start the season with 3 on the road and raise the banner before the 4th game of the season against the preds.

      Also, starting the season against the ‘yotes. That should be a fun one considering how it ended the last time we played ’em.

  6. Is Quick ready? How long is Kopi really going to be out? How over weight & out of shape are doughty & penner?
    The Kings better come out firing on all cylinders.

  7. My husband already knows when hockey starts everything is scheduled around when the Stanley Cup Champions thing sucks the economy has been bad so we probably won’t make it to the games this year. They will only show fans their appreciation that can afford the games. I won’t miss a game that is on tv. But hey I won’t be getting any appreciation free gifts that you. Know they will be giving away. Bummed die hard but also happy.

  8. Anybody concerned with how fat Drew Doughty might have gotten during this lockout?

  9. Basically women just need to understand that a “Man has to do what a man has to do.”
    It is like signing up for the military to fight for our country.
    We must march off to fight for our team over the Cansucks, Schmucks, Shafarts, Fleadogs, and Starless as well as other foes.
    On the other hand these are women that are receiving high caliber and very sophisticated sportsmen hockey fans that can easily make up for any lost quality time.
    So the call of duty to arms once again rings out to cry out Go King Go!

  10. This is fucking hillarious!! “Her tears will fall to the cold floor.” Hahaha
    When I told my chick this morning that the lockout was over she sighed a deep sigh. A sigh reserved only for the worst kind of news. Her good mood turned to one of sadness and loss for once again she would have to endure many lonely nights while the man she had once again grown so close to this fall would revert to his obsession of kings hockey and the endless daily analysis of the stats of our great team.
    I love my girl but goddamitt I love the kings.
    Sorry baby but the time has come. I must once again heed the distant trumpets calling me back to duty in the king’s army.

  11. One thing I will still miss very much is getting the chance to hear David Courtney introduce the banner to us! :o(

    I still feel a little out of it since having no hockey makes me jittery and hopefully I will feel better soon.

  12. Don’t forget the chants of “break his goddamn teeth!” sir. And as for that first paragraph, I didn’t know your fiancé was seeing someone else haha now go watch “Goon” ya dunce.

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