CBA Negotiations Hit 15 Hour Consecutive Mark and Counting…

Rogers Waters asked, “is there anybody out there?”

The answer is yes. NHL and NHLPA + certain ironman members of the media are all in New York, centered by mediator Scot L. Beckenbaugh. No truth to the rumors Mr. Beckenbaugh lost a t at the 12 hour mark and has not yet found it.

Pierre LeBrun tweeted, “I’m so tired I fell asleep while standing up an hour ago in the TSN satellite truck.”

Darren Millard gave us, “Playing stick ball on 6th ave. Just hit a long ball and a cop stopped. Turned on his siren and said through the speaker, home run! Classic.”

Helene Elliot is planning ahead. “Memo to Professional Hockey Writers Assn. prez Kevin Allen (if he’s still awake): negotiate coffee for media into next labor deal.”

I’m looking at the clock and it reads 12:11am…man, these East Coast guys are real pussies. They act like it’s 3am.

If they’re up, I’m up.

Are you up?

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3 replies

  1. I’m up for hockey! Deal FNALLY in place. Go Kings!

  2. Section 315….”REPORTING FOR DUTY”!!!!!!!

  3. Looks like the NHL civil war is ending with a peace treaty for 10 years of armistice. The lawyers are left to draw up the treaty. Those devils will iron out the devilish details within the usual haste of Congress.
    This was the mother of sport wars. Many innocent fans lost and harmed. This was a lose, lose, lose three way war–we fans had absorbed the brunt of their hostilities.
    Can there hopefully be a treaty clause that calls for war crimes trial for Bettman?
    Well, we fans need to see if there is a DMZ drawn up too.
    Please no victory parades for anybody. No spiking of the puck in the net. No firework displays by anyone. No victory laps around the rinks or owners’ arenas.
    Ah, what they do need is a tomb and memorial for the unknown fan with an honor guard of hockey greats from yesteryear.
    They owe us fans plenty.
    I am not going to hold my breathe on that one.


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