LA Kings Defenseman Willie Mitchell Tweaked His Knee A Month Ago

L.A. Times sports writer, Lisa Dillman, spoke with Dean Lombardi earlier today. Dean stated, “Willie Mitchell tweaked his knee a month ago. So we’ll be able to look at him when he comes in. I didn’t get the details. Again it’s nothing serious from what we’ve gathered. We won’t know if sure until he gets here.”

I am guessing fishing accident.

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  1. Oh fuck here we go already.

  2. This could be a good thing. We have more than enough depth to handle missing a few players for a few games. Gives the kids a little extra incentive if there’s a spot temporarily open coming out of camp and gives the Kings a chance to battle test their reserves.

  3. Yes! From now on I will trust in the power of your labido to point the way like a devining rod pointing to truth. ;-)

  4. I have been way to excited to be able to sit still long enough to read and respond to any of your posts.. Lockout Over.. Hockey Back!!!! Happy Days! Finally!!! That is the bottom line..
    Horray! I will be on my way to my happy place…El Segundo come next week on my days off.. the boys will be back in town.. And somehow get a ticket to see the Banner raised .. as for Willie.. come on.. we all know our #33 is a Stud.. he will be fine.. and he is not ready to retire!
    Hopefully Kopi is not too bad and will rehab quickly as well.. Sounds like Cliffy will be smokin out of the starting blocks :)
    GO KINGS GO !!!


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