NHL Lockout is Over. Hockey is Back.

The drive to L.A.

Parking, getting out of the car and putting on the jersey.

Walking among the faithful, with smiles and nods of hello.

Reaching L.A. Live and meeting friends at the Yardhouse for a pregame beer or two.

45 minutes to puck drop. “Time to head in, boys…”

Taking your ticket out while standing in line. Oh, how the anticipation builds.

Metal detector, ticket scan, inside…

Through the crowds, you wonder if they feel as you do…

…they do.

The first steps past the black curtain.

You’re home.

Let’s raise the banner.

We have a Stanley Cup Championship to defend.

Dustin Brown Raises Stanley Cup

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends

we’re so glad you could attend

come inside, come inside!

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  1. Now I can finally stop checking TSN.ca every two minutes.
    I’m still not going to believe it ’til it’s signed.
    Kopitar hurt his knee.
    Voynov returning will hurt Manchester.
    At least you guys will be back.

  2. Finally excited! Can’t wait to see the banner go up. Also hope to see a David Courtney tribute. I keep hearing his voice every time I watch game 6 or replay it in my head: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Stanley Cup”…best quote ever.

  3. Hockey is back, Kopitar isn’t (for a few weeks at least)

  4. Fromn an interview with Kopi (below) he thinks it’s ligaments and is having an MRI Tomorrow, flying back to LA in about 5 days.

    From that translated interview is this

    in yesterday’s race in Stockholm, which was also the last one in your jersey More, but the accident event, when you hurt your knee. What really happened?

    Action was not anything special. I had puck possession in the defensive third, he attacked me player of the opposing team, and then we kind of weird “zavozlala”. I was a bit turned right knee, as it turned out later, but I feel a bit damaged lateral bond. Tomorrow Mori waiting for me in the examination with magnetic resonance imaging, but when I got the results, they’ll immediately announced in Los Angeles. After consulting with doctors in Los Angeles, we will see how long it will be rehabilitation.

    the rest of the interview

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  6. I can finally go back to checking the sight after every game and reading stories full of cursing and vulgarity, fuck yeah!

  7. Maybe the Kings can resume the half season with another permanent NHL record of no losses to early April. Go Kings Go!

  8. Sorry to be a buzz kill boys and girls but the league and PA got this banged out in one “marathon” session. It took half the season to get to this point? Both of them can kiss my ass. Who was it Doan or Hainsey that said that they want to put on the best 48 games for the fans…Bullshit!

    I can forgive this bullshit going on for a month max into the season but for HALF the fucking season these guys are a step behind Forest Gump. Have a good 1/2 season. See you next year.

    And even if the Kings pulled out another SC win I would never recognize it as being legit.

    • Uh oh. You’re angry. Normally that is good. We could use that anger for good. But here, I need something different from you.

      You’re an important part of our Kings fraternity. I need you in this with the rest of us. We are defending a Championship. Been waiting a long time for this. Don’t let negative energy take your joy away. Get in the game. Game on brother.

      • Scribe I appreciate all you guys do. To finally have a forum for die hard Kings fans has been beyond awesome. I’ll always be an LA Kings and hockey fan until I die but this is just unforgivable. Not angry anymore just disgusted. I know these greedy assholes (players and owners) could have avoided this a long ass time ago but chose not to.

        I’m gonna try and make it out to see the banner go up but that’s about it for this 1/2 season. I think I’m gonna join another beer league or two with all the money I’m saving.

        This is the coolest Kings site and I can’t wait until 13-14 starts.

        • If and when we make the playoffs and you see us making a run, I bet your loins will pull you back to Staples Center for the games. Tell your loins I am betting on it. As I told my buddy Tim who does the podcasts with us, the NHL is like the hot chick that gives great blow jobs and even anal ever once in a while…it’s hard to stay mad at her.


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